Jewelry Trends 2015 – Italian Journey

Building on our coverage of jewelry trends 2015, we embark on yet another journey, exploring the many facets and possibilities of Italian jewelry. We will attempt to define cheap engagement rings in the context of Italian jewelry. Just kidding, if you’re looking for cheap engagement rings then feel free to explore the dozens of previous issues of DT Era dedicated to them, as well as cheap wedding rings, which also do not fall under the scope of this issue. We will, however, tell you all about how to spend a few thousand dollars in exchange for a piece of jewelry that will give you goose bumps and appreciate in value, as Italian engagement rings, for instance, promptly become collectible antique engagement rings, as they are passed down from one generation to the next. Similarly, plenty of Italian necklaces from previous decades and centuries sell today for exponentially more than our parents and ancestors paid for them in their time. Sit back and relax, as you are about to take the cheapest trip to Italy in the history of modern day era. This issue of DT Era is all about modern day Italian jewelry.

Italian necklace

And we start with a bang; surprised? From a valuation perspective, this Italian necklace defies all industry standards with regard to design and production. How would you explain this design to a friend? Notice the loop and the interweave. Now notice the loop in relation to the interweave. This necklace is the product of 20 grams of gold, a half carat in Italian round brilliant cut diamonds and almost 20 hours of labor of an Italian master jeweler. With this diamond necklace you wrap a piece of Italy around your neck.

Italian ring

Now that you have a piece of Italy around your neck, let’s wrap another piece of Italy around your ring finger. Think glamour, think class and think perception. Italian rings accomplish all three of these and then some. The Italian ring pictured above features an 18k white gold shank and the famous Italian lily with impeccable attention to detail. Wear this diamond ring in Italy and you are one of their own. Wear this Italian ring in the U.S. and you represent an extension of the fashion capital of the world.

Italian earrings

Italian earrings aim to complement a woman’s face like no other earrings can. With designs that violate the very foundation of classic aesthetics, Italian earrings challenge the mainstream designs we have so rapidly learned to accept as the be all and end all. The Italian earrings above boast a unique and vibrant undulating pattern, with an 18K Italian white gold base and a half carat in Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds. With these Italian earrings, when people look at you, the first thing they see is a piece of the fashion capital of the world complementing your exotic look.

Italian engagement rings

Did you consider even for a second that we would dedicate a whole issue of DT Era to modern day Italian jewelry, without presenting a single Italian engagement ring? Italian engagement rings epitomize class, literally challenging the widely accepted rules of engagement. An Italian engagement ring often starts with a traditional design that is subsequently transformed into a virtuoso extravaganza. Think of it as the Fantasia Impromptu of engagement rings. The Italian engagement ring pictured above started out as a classic three stone trilogy, and after some finesse by an Italian master jeweler, this diamond engagement ring was transformed into a modern, avant-garde work of art, with an 18 karat white gold shank and the manual labor of a jeweler selected by the higher power above. With this engagement ring, a piece of Italy stays within your marriage for life.

The fashion capital of the world earned this title for a very good reason. The design characteristics you find in Italy are typically not available anywhere else in the world. Think of how many heart necklaces and solitaire engagement rings are out there, but a heart necklace and solitaire engagement ring made in Italy exist on a different plane. We look forward to more and more people adopting Italian jewelry in their everyday lives in 2015. If it has to look like a million dollars, it has to come from Italy!

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