Jewelry Trends 2015 and Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a double edged sword. Every December we all gather to discuss our resolutions, and every now and then one or two of us actually fulfills them, right? You all know who you are! Let’s face it, for most people these resolutions at least partially include appearance, and whether that means to lose weight or to take better care of your skin, as we approach mid-year, summer of 2015 is the perfect time to re-evaluate what we have accomplished and what is still outstanding. For those resolutions that continue to defeat us, if we ask why, the typical answer is, “it’s too hard”. This is likely the point at which you are thinking to yourself, “well no, it’s because my work hours changed” or “my workout buddy moved and I don’t have anyone to work out with anymore”. In other words, excuses, excuses, excuses, and all because it’s “too hard”, but does it have to be? Consider this, if you see the perfect diamond necklace that would be a Godsend match to your favorite dress, but you can only wear that dress and justify buying the necklace if you drop a size, would that add some motivation? For those already making up additional excuses, such as “I don’t have a dress like that”, we have even better news for you – it’s time to go shopping for the next size down! For the rest of you, easy, don’t run to the gym just yet, as we are about to make things personal. In this issue of DT Era we present the foundation that is intended to give you the much needed boost to stay consistent with jewelry trends 2015, with specific Italian necklaces, Italian rings, cheap engagement rings and even cheap wedding rings.

Italian engagement ring

And of course we start with a bang, an Italian bang! Italian engagement rings have revolutionized our perception of the unique and exclusive. This particular Italian engagement ring started out as a three-stone trilogy engagement ring concept, but what is became is an extraordinary 18 karat white gold and rose gold masterpiece, featuring a curved and interwove shank with three heart stopping Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds. If you have the perfect dress with a sparkle and a light shade of pink that this engagement ring would go well with, does this offer some motivation to attain your resolution and get engaged?

cheap wedding ring

Cheap wedding rings are on everyone’s radar, as budget conscious consumers are racing for the best wedding ring deals. If your favorite outfit is a neon black (just kidding, but you get the point) with a sparkle or a shiny silver, here is a cheap wedding ring that can serve as great motivation. Lose one size and the ring is on its way – that is how we achieve results!

Italian necklace

Let’s talk Italian necklaces. How many dresses or outfits can you think of with which this Italian necklace would not resonate well? If you said “not many”, then you’re on the right track. And chances are your favorite dress would stop the clock when you walk into your favorite restaurant, wearing your dress and this Italian necklace. And what a great motivating factor to take better care of your skin so that you can show some skin, with the necklace beautifully complementing your ultimate final look.

black diamond engagement ring

If you wear a great deal of black, we’ll cut you some slack because you are not alone. Black diamond engagement rings have become close to the norm in recent years. If that favorite dress is all black, print a picture of this black diamond engagement ring and post it by your bathroom mirror. Once your resolution is fulfilled, a picture of this black diamond engagement ring can accidentally show up in your boyfriend’s Inbox, which will open a new chapter in your life and the rest is history; how’s that for motivation?

Italian earrings

No look is complete without a breathtakingly astounding pair of Italian earrings. These diamond earrings feature a base in 18 karat two tone white gold and rose gold, with a tenth of a carat in Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds.

Are you still reading this? If so, perhaps it means that you are on the right track, and the fulfillment of your 2015 resolution awaits. Remember, motivation is a function of desire. Create the desire and motivation will follow. Italian jewelry certainly has its power, and so do diamond necklaces and sensational engagement rings. But ultimately, these are nothing more than options, as what works for you will differ from what works for one thousand other people. If you don’t have the one size smaller dress or outfit that will get you going, buy it! At the end of the day, all of these achievements ultimately contribute to the quality of your life.

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