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Jewelry stores today understand jewelry trends 2015, and the more they understand the more they learn about the challenges involved with generating interest from consumers in modern day era. There was a time, as recently as 10-15 years ago, when a well polished white gold solitaire engagement ring with at least a one carat GIA VS1 diamond was enough to earn a consumer’s consideration. Today that same ring may get a chuckle at best. Have jewelry buyers become pretentious? Yep, and good thing because the number of jewelry stores has grown exponentially, and every major city and country overwhelms consumers with classic, mainstream jewelry designs that belong in the 20th century. So what does it take for affordable engagement rings, diamond rings and other jewelry products to get attention these days? Outrageous designs? Ridiculously inexplicable molds and diamond patterns? Eccentric personalities that make buyers say, “What in the world…”? The answer is, all of the above. Consider this, you walk into a mall, and before getting to your destination you walk past three engagement ring and jewelry stores. What do you typically notice on displays? Cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars? If you said, “pretty much the same engagement rings, diamond rings and necklaces” then you have obviously recently visited a mall. For everyone else, if you have not been to a mall recently, you obviously did not miss out on much. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to jewelry you simply do not find in a mall setting, with outrageous design characteristics that lift eyebrows and push boundaries.

Italian ring

Italian rings tend to elicit the wow, but they can also elicit the “what in the world” reaction as well. By most standards, the Italian ring above accomplishes both in one design. On that note, what in the world is this ring? Is it an engagement ring? One could argue that it qualifies as an Italian engagement ring? Or is this a cocktail ring? One could most definitely argue that it is an Italian cocktail ring. The beauty with art is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and art is always subject to interpretation, so interpret away!

Italian wedding ring

Italian wedding rings follow much the same basic guidelines as Italian engagement rings rings – no guidelines at all! How would you interpret the Italian five-diamond wedding ring pictured above? Does it not look like a hand-held fan? You may remember previous issues of DT Era, where we made statements to the effect that Italians have lost the ability to produce classic engagement ring and wedding ring designs, and this normally classic five-stone wedding ring is a true testament to that effect.

Italian necklace

Whose eye is that anyway? Do you sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of the Italian master jewelers who give birth to these eccentric Italian necklaces? The diamond necklace pictured above literally features an 18 karat white gold eye with an Italian round brilliant cut diamond and a 16 inch white gold chain. If you find an Italian necklace like this in a mall, you are probably in deep sleep.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings certainly extend the realm of eccentric possibilities with regard to design and overall appearance. In other words, some Italian engagement rings cannot be described or qualified in any way, shape or form. The Italian engagement ring above does, however, qualify for the “what in the world” designation.

If you have been entertained, we have accomplished our objective. If you are choosing to purchase one of these Italian rings or necklace, you hereby relieve DT Era of any liability for the “what in the world” reactions from your friends and family, that are likely to ensue. As always, venture out, try on some eccentric jewelry and make it a heart stopping look.

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