Emerald Jewelry that Becomes a Part of you

Emerald Necklaces with Unique Approach

We all have our favorite piece of jewelry that goes everywhere we go. Emerald jewelry that becomes a part of you makes a compliment to the designer, but it also tells a story about the person who wears it. We all like pretty things, but defining pretty is a task in and of itself. You may see an emerald necklace and call it pretty, while your neighbor across the street might have a different definition of “pretty”. The concept of pretty emerald jewelry continues to evolve as well, transforming ordinary heart emerald necklaces and diamond pendants, once considered gorgeous, into beautiful modern designs. The consumer base that once considered classic necklaces with large emeralds beautiful, now places a much heavier accent on the bigger picture of the look and feel of the total design. Wowing a customer with a pair of plain large emerald studs used to be a rudimentary process. Today that same customer expects a “never before seen” necklace or pendant with a quality emerald rock that will take their breath away, which is also the same category of jewelry that becomes a part of you.

emerald necklace

There are situations in which taking a classic necklace to a gorgeous emerald necklace is as easy as adding one more layer of diamonds around initial diamond halo surrounding a center emerald. Other instances, however, call for a rework of the entire design. The resulting necklace or engagement ring may be out of this world, but it certainly qualifies as unique, and something you likely have never seen or worn before. Much like designers are constantly improving their work, to wow consumers, consumers are changing their shopping habits, fundamentally changing what they notice and consequently what they buy.

emerald pendant

Sometimes designs start out unique from the very first mold. The “XO” emerald pendant necklace presented above, for example, did not start out as a plain solitaire or a drop design. It was inspired by a hybrid of these and other designs, right from the very beginning. Today’s jewelry trends are partially blending the unique, the pretty, the expensive and the contemporary. Not surprisingly, this emerald necklace exhibits all four of these characteristics.

Beauty is typically a function of personal taste. The common denominator in current jewelry trends, however, is the relentless pursuit of expensive sophistication. That is not to say that the more sophisticated an emerald or a sapphire necklace looks, the more beautiful it is deemed to be. There is, however, a minimum and difficult to measure level of sophistication, necessary to render a piece of jewelry to be classified as pretty or gorgeous. A great deal of necklaces is being modified, reworked and even discontinued, all to establish a level of artistry that designers can consistently produce and consumers consistently want to buy.

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