Contemporary Times Call for Contemporary Measures


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Contemporary Times Call for Contemporary Measures

Tastes and preferences in jewelry often resemble mother nature. The level of predictability fluctuates, and the ever rapidly evolving jewelry trends impose additional layers of challenges upon jewelry designers. While solitaire engagement rings are as old as engagements themselves, today’s solitaire engagement rings hardly resemble those from as recently as late 20th century, and tomorrow’s engagement rings will look nothing like today’s. As the challenges associated with filling the aesthetic jewelry gaps exponentially increase, contemporary times call for contemporary measures. Imagine a classic drop necklace or traditional stud earrings, brilliantly completing the look of the 21st century fashionista. One year these pieces of jewelry are redefining current trends, and the next year they are outdated and collecting dust in a deserted drawer of a jewelry box. Is timeless jewelry becoming a phenomenon of the past? Contemporary times call for contemporary measures, and jewelry designers are finding unique ways of prolonging the life of what many refer to as timeless jewelry pieces. This means less of the mundane and more of the unexpected, more stylish personality and less banal tradition. Engagement rings have become an exponentially increasing expression of self. While it used to be that engagement rings simply had to offer a beautiful final design, the modern woman has begun to question whether the engagement ring she is considering matches her personality and overall fashion style. With that, we explore a couple of contemporary engagement rings that truly add a timeless dimension.

side stone engagement ring

The meaning of unique engagement rings is evolving as rapidly as jewelry trends, tastes and preferences. Gone are the days when anything other than a solitaire, side stone, halo or three-stone engagement ring qualified as unique. Today, being classified as unique and contemporary is all about creating a new aspect, feature or element, which one would not typically find in anything else of its class. The engagement ring above serves as an excellent example of the direction of the evolution of current jewelry trends. Search through the engagement ring inventories of one hundred of your local jewelry stores and, at a 99% confidence interval, you will find nothing remotely similar to this design.

white gold engagement rings

Creating a new dimension may sound simple, but those who have made a valiant effort to invent, at any point in their lives, likely know otherwise. In the context of jewelry, there are plenty of instances in which the inventions appear minor on the surface, but the resulting design is light years away from the original. The above contemporary engagement ring tells a story of three simple design changes that rendered a world class and now world famous solitaire diamond engagement ring with beautiful side stones.

Perception is reality. Therefore, regardless of how simple or sophisticated a given set of changes may be within a jewelry design, the final product tells the final story. Whether the objective is modern, unique, contemporary, expensive or simply high end, each designer defines these terms differently, but the buyer’s definition is the one that makes the day.

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