Simple Changes that Lead to Extravagant Results

Simple Changes that Lead to Extravagant Results

When we think of opulence and extravagance, we do not typically think of simple changes that lead to extravagant results. In fact, when we think high end, most people picture complexity that is out of this world. Take a simple one strand necklace, mold the pattern into lightning and you have a truly high end, designer necklace. Take a plain side stone engagement ring mold, add a slit by splitting the shank, tilt the side stones symmetrically and the resulting design will wow everyone who sees it. Unique Italian engagement rings have utilized this and similar tactics longer than most of us can remember. It is quite fascinating how the human brain processes artistry. Have you ever seen a seemingly complex piece of art that the artist later broke down, to show you how it was derived? For most people, the answer to this question is a definite no. There are plenty of situations where complex jewelry indeed starts out that way, where the design is not derived from some sort of classic that was modified to raise the bar. The fact is, however, that many of these complex designs start out as classics, and the alterations they go through are sometimes so simple that the artist may be embarrassed to share them.

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Can you tell what the above design may have started out with, and how it got to this overwhelming designer masterpiece? If you visually remove the curved portion of the shank, the answer is abundantly clear. Some people have a natural vision for converting the banal into the extraordinary. A common misconception is that these people are master jewelers. Remember, a master jeweler is merely someone who successfully completed a course and obtained the master jeweler certification. The category we are referring to in being able to visually convert unsophisticated designs into extravagant works of art are people with specific, God-given talents. And by the way, if you remove the curved portion of the shank, all that remains is a plain, classic side stone engagement ring.

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The process of transmuting a classic design from status quo into artistic genius is not always as simple as the previous example. Some designs require a slightly higher degree of engineering and angle manipulation. Certainly a jeweler has the ability to split a shank and tilt the side stones, but doing so in a manner that does not compromise the integrity of the design is a balancing act of art and science. People often wonder what it is that keeps certain jewelry cheap and makes other jewelry expensive. Few realize the amount of labor involved, not only in creating the design, but subsequently perfecting it by hand.

Juggling art and science is challenging in most endeavors. And as with most trades, when it comes to jewelry, the art is only as good as the science that renders it practical. In the end, however, let’s face it, the jewelry most people wear is all about the beauty and sentimental value.

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