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Style and fashion sit in one place just long enough for buyers to catch up with the current trends, and when unique style revolutionizes standard practice, it all changes again. Jewelry trends also follow a similar pattern of unstoppable design evolution, especially when it comes to alexandrite necklace designs. Solitaire necklaces with alexandrite stones used to be worn only by the true fanatics and fashionistas; today they are standard practice. Drop halo necklaces used to lead the way in the jewelry accessories market, but modern and unique designs are making a strong comeback, as a complement to the direction of today’s modern fashion movement. Today’s fashion statement consists of a hybrid between the classic and traditional as well as the modern and contemporary. Alexandrite necklace designers brought about a set of changes of its own. Halo necklaces, for instance, remain in style today. But today’s drop necklaces with princess cut or cushion cut alexandrite stones are light years away from the classics we were once accustomed to. When unique style revolutionizes standard practice, unique necklaces rise to the occasion and bring to the table a set of red carpet standards that redefine the core of the industry. Even simple diamond necklaces have taken a turn, where every curve changes curvature and every angle is altered to accommodate the new curves. When unique style revolutionizes standard practice, we cheer, we inspire and we manage to long for more.

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Solitaire designs have always offered a certain degree of an aesthetic thrill. Today’s solitaire necklaces, however, are tasked with filling the ever so stringent design requirements by a rigorously educated, fashion-forward consumer base. Someone once said that a classic never dies, but what they failed to add is that a classic never dies as long as it continues to evolve and stay current with the pertinent vertical of evolution. In the case above, this halo diamond necklace with natural AAA grade dark purple alexandrite stone is very likely to remain relevant, and yet these designs continue to undergo uncompromising change, to maintain the level of relevance under question.

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Sometimes the simplest of changes can convert a classic into an exponentially modern or contemporary product. Other situations, however, call for a far more sophisticated approach. The filigree pattern above is a handmade phenomenon, requiring hours of meticulous attention to detail and relentless dedication to perfection. When a simple change does not suffice, complexity always comes at a price. The vintage pendant necklace above features natural 2 carat cushion cut alexandrite stone surrounded by high grade diamonds.

Evolution almost invariably adds a certain level of complexity and sophistication. Whether the topic is alexandrite pendant necklaces or fashion in general, the details make the difference, and it is also the details that ultimately commend a premium. Solitaire necklaces, three-stone engagement rings and eternity wedding rings are not going anywhere, in the near future. They do however, continue to undergo significant design overhauls to keep them fresh and interesting in a world filled with instant artistic gratification.

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