June Deals That We Will Reminisce

Summer is approaching fast, and you know exactly what that means – engagements, weddings and babies, and hopefully in this order! And engagements, weddings and babies means hot and hopefully cheap engagement rings, extraordinary and preferably affordable wedding rings, jewelry accessories and yes, push presents are always in demand. In the month of June we are making it a point to disclose as many valuable jewelry deals as possible, to help you get those diamond necklaces and diamond earrings you have been saving for. Plus, June is the month for pearl and Alexandrite gemstones, but you already knew that, didn’t you? And finally, we will throw in a surprise Italian ring that will make you drool diamonds. And by the way, if you have potatoes boiling on the stove, this would be a good time to turn them off; otherwise they will quickly turn into french fries.

Italian engagement ring

Sales of unique engagement rings are already heating up in the month of May, which means that the month of June is expected to surprise us with some contemporary designs and heavy diamonds. In other words, Italian engagement rings will rise to the occasion. The engagement ring above is a 100% custom design from Brusaporto, BG, Italia. If you are looking to be swept off your feet, an accidental link can accidentally end up in your boyfriend’s Inbox, after which he can accidentally be informed by one of your friends, that this Italian engagement ring is what it will take for you to say yes, at which point your boyfriend can accidentally stumble upon a 0% APR financing offer and lo and behold, what a surprise this proposal will be!

Italian wedding ring

If you spend some time browsing Italian wedding rings or Italian jewelry in general, you will likely find that Italians have lost the ability to produce a classic piece of jewelry, without the pretentiousness of an elaborate scheme to take every observer as prisoner. In fact, even the most basic Italian wedding ring is usually transformed into a 100% custom, complex and handmade piece of extravagance that lives to wow every observer in its vicinity. The Italian wedding ring above features a split shank in 18 karat white gold, with Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds and a level of fashionable existence you never thought possible.

mens wedding ring

Perhaps we could offer mens unique wedding rings some priority. After all, aren’t they the ones who give us the pleasure of throwing the biggest party we could ever fathom? Yes, the wedding! This mens wedding ring offers a unique, avant-garde design with a shank in white gold, plenty of modern day sharp corners and a fifth of a carat in round cut diamonds. This wedding ring gives your man some relentless style!

ruby necklace

Enough about engagement rings and wedding rings. Admit it, you know royalty when you see royalty. This diamond necklace boasts a 14k white gold chain, a huge, 4 1/3 carat red ruby gemstone with an additional 2/3 of a carat in round cut diamonds. Put on a necklace like this, and your significant other may just start looking exactly where you want him to!

Italian necklace

Call it a double drop, call it infinity times infinity or simply call it an Italian 21st century luxury fever. These Italian earrings live for attention, the kind of attention you get by flying to Milan and coming back with a surprise credit card bill for your significant other. On that lovely note, these Italian earrings are produced in 18 karat rose gold, with a fifth of a carat in Italian round brilliant cut diamonds. A surprise is a surprise, but this Italian surprise comes with quality and personality that you can only get in the fashion capital of the world.

Make no mistake about it, June is slated to grace us with sparkles and smiles, fashion and adventure. This summer be sure to indulge in cutting edge jewelry colors and styles, one design at a time. If it looks good, consider it; if it looks great, pull out that credit card!

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