What’s Heating Up This Summer 2015

With summer of 2015 around the corner, everyone is looking for new experiences and aesthetic overhauls. In preparation for those wonderfully warm days of lying out in the sun and hearing the ocean waves, what summer look are you sporting, and what jewelry accessories will complete your look? Suppose last summer you had the perfect dress and jewelry combinations, but have you checked to see if they still fit you properly? Do those ruby earrings still complement your favorite sundress well, or has the sundress faded and the cheap necklace tarnished? Let’s not be pretentious, right? Wrong! How you look dictates how you feel. You have probably heard that how you feel on the inside reflects how you look on the outside. However, when you look in the mirror and see what’s on the outside, does this reflect how you feel on the inside? With these wonderful words of wisdom we embark on a journey of reviewing a few diamond and gemstone shapes and colors, applied to alexandrite necklaces and gemstone earrings that will keep this summer nice and steamy! This issue of DT Era is all about three things – jewelry, perception and the resonance between the two that ultimately shapes your reality.

ruby earrings

We start with beautiful dark red ruby stud earrings. Why ruby? Mostly to please the readers who have requested more coverage on red gemstones such as ruby. In other words, if your boyfriend wants to save some money on you, we tell him the opposite! These ruby stud earrings can have stones as large as 1CT that will run over $3000, while some of our smaller ruby sizes may only cost as low as $500-$600. The earrings pictured above boast a gorgeous stud design in white gold with a 1 carat round solitaire ruby in the center.

alexandrite necklace

And in case you were wondering, no we still can’t do without alexandrite necklaces. You may remember that in previous issue of DT Era we made some comments about the inability of Italian jewelry designers to maintain a low profile and produce classic earrings without extravagant personalities. This design started as a plain halo pendant necklace, but later it was transformed into a stunning double halo with an extravagant alexandrite center stone.

gemstone necklace

Look at the rock on that! With a 2/3 carat cushion cut blue topaz and an additional 1/8 of a carat in round cut diamond, this diamond gemstone necklace will resonate both in and away from the sun. And this summer, make it count because when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see that you are worth it!

diamond earrings

How about more than one carat of round cut blue and clear diamonds? These diamond earrings feature a base in white gold and an absolutely stunning finish with overwhelming fire and scintillation. These earrings are the perfect addition to any wardrobe with various shades of blue. Put on these earrings, look at yourself in the mirror and one thing is clear – your summer is off to an exhilarating start!

Hopefully the few styles we presented in this issue of DT Era will lay the foundation for an amazing summer of 2015. Fear nothing and explore everything, because every piece of jewelry presented here or otherwise has the potential to lift your spirits to astronomical heights for the next 3-4 months an more.

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