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So you got engaged, married the man of your dreams (at the time), wore one of the most unique engagement rings and exclusive wedding rings money can buy. Now, a few years later, the last time you bought yourself a piece of jewelry is when your husband last looked at you, or is it the other way around? Perhaps it’s time to get his attention, and nothing gets a man’s attention faster than the purchase of an expensive, high end piece of jewelry that makes you look hot and his wallet shrink. The most optimal motto for this situation is, “buy now, think later”. And remember, happy wife = happy life; just don’t tell him we told you so! And now the easy part – where to begin. In this issue of DT Era we explore three unique pieces of jewelry that will revitalize your appearance in the most sophisticated manner. In other words, you will look hot and expensive!

Italian earrings

What is the first thing people see, when they look at you? Aside from the few, who immediately set their sights on inappropriate places, the first thing people notice about you is your face, so let’s make sure you give them something to notice. Nothing invigorates the face like a pair of designer Italian earrings. With an 18k white gold base and 1/8 of a carat in Italian round brilliant cut diamonds, your face will get a double take all day long. Perhaps your husband will be so preoccupied, looking at your face, that he may not even notice the credit card bill!

Italian necklace

What is the second thing that people notice, when they look at you? Now that depends on who is looking. Hopefully the second thing your husband notices about you will reveal this sensational three-aureole Italian diamond necklace. Italian necklaces reek of sophistication, and this 18 karat white gold and yellow gold masterpiece boasts a fifth of a carat in Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds. But watch out, as this Italian necklace also has a history of making men sweat!

Italian ring

Think you’re done? Not quite, but you are almost there. No look is complete without the proper grace of your second ring finger, to resonate with the earrings and necklace that are already heating up the room. Italian rings are designed and produced to light up all eyes that look their way. This Italian ring features an extraordinary two tone, 18k white gold and yellow gold shank with over a third of a carat in Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds. With this Italian ring, all eyes are on you!

If you’re still reading this, congratulations. You have taken the first step to turn your life from mundane and banal to extraordinary and sophisticated. The next step is taking action, and that is where we leave you. Be brave, venture out and make it a heart stopping look!

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