Sharp Corners, Revolutionary Edges

Engagement rings are like driving directions – the corner you turn next ultimately determines the next step in the route. Turn a different corner from the previous design and the resulting engagement ring will also differ from the previous one. Have you ever considered the implications of sharp corners in engagement rings, and the characteristics that turn designs into unique engagement rings and unique wedding rings? Interestingly enough, sharp corners go a long way in rendering unique engagement rings, and the right combination of materials can also turn the appropriate designs into affordable engagement rings and affordable wedding rings. But sharp corners go further than simply turning engagement rings into unique engagement rings; sharp corners often render contemporary engagement rings and contemporary wedding rings. You may recall from our previous issues that creating unique wedding rings is far more complex than engagement rings, since there are fewer design elements to work with. In this issue of DT Era we discover the profound effect sharp corners have on wedding rings and engagement rings, to further assist our readers in selecting the perfect engagement rings and wedding rings for them.

unique wedding ring

We start with this contemporary wedding ring in silver tone. Notice the sharp corners and the resulting square design of this wedding ring. As with unique engagement rings, unique wedding rings don’t conform, and this unique wedding ring accomplishes the objective with sharp edges and a lining of cz stones along a part of the shank.

unique engagement ring

Next we discuss this contemporary diamond engagement ring. One peculiar design element to this engagement ring is the contrast between round cut diamonds and sharp corners of the shank at the center diamond arrangement. This engagement ring design clearly demonstrates the effect of sharp corners on an engagement ring with otherwise round design elements. Try to envision this engagement ring with the sharp corners rounded out. Which engagement ring version do you like better?

cz engagement ring

Cz engagement rings and cheap wedding rings follow a similar pattern to the diamond engagement ring and wedding ring we just covered. In this case, the cz engagement ring contains a split shank, which features the sharp corners that render the contemporary look of this engagement ring. You may have also noticed the fact that the diamond is set on one of the strands of the split shank, rather than symmetrically in the center. Asymmetrical design elements are also a contributing factor to the contemporary cbaracter of engagement rings, and this uique design is certainly not an exception.

Do you feel that you are now better versed in contemporary engagement rings and wedding rings? After seeing the effects of sharp corners in engagement rings and wedding rings, do you believe that sharp corners are the right fit for you or your significant other? Just as with most concepts and design elements we present, contemporary engagement rings and wedding rings are in a world of their own, and as such, these designs are not necessarily the best fit for everyone. It is not uncommon for people to adore unique engagement rings but stay away from contemporary engagement rings, as this category tends to offer design characteristics more unusual than most people are used to. In the end, there is an engagement ring and wedding ring for every person out there, and hopefully, through the guidance we offer here at DT Era, you will obtain enough knowledge to find them.

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