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Let’s face it, when it comes to affordable engagement rings and unique wedding rings, women are always in the spotlight. Even our extensive coverage of cz engagement rings has been geared primarily toward women. But when it comes to wedding rings for men, what are the options out there? Are men stuck with plain wedding bands and unsophisticated wedding ring designs? The good news is that, although the variety of wedding rings for men is not nearly as vast as wedding rings for women, there are plenty of options out there. For that matter, just as there are cheap engagement rings and cheap wedding rings for women, there also cheap wedding rings for men. And finally, much like we have presented Italian engagement rings for women, there are many variations of Italian wedding rings for men. In this issue of DT Era we examine what mens wedding bands are all about, what designs one could expect and some of the factors that control the price of mens wedding rings.

mens wedding ring

We start with this attractive mens diamond wedding ring. The shank is produced in white gold, featuring a beautiful diagonal row of round cut diamonds. As you can see, unique wedding rings also exist for men, and this wedding ring also happens to be listed at a great price.

mens wedding ring

Next we examine this Italian wedding ring for men. Stylish and masculine, this wedding ring features a shank in white gold with a pattern that highlights the three round black diamonds, contained within a triangular white gold enclosure. With a true sense of style, this mens wedding ring raises the bar for all of mens wedding rings, is a design that leaves little room for doubt.

wedding ring under 100

Much like engagement rings for women under $100 continue to surprise us with style and aesthetic originality, wedding rings under 100 dollars for men are accomplishing the same goal. The mens wedding ring featured above offers a stylish shank in sterling silver with a tenth of a carat in round cut diamonds. The diamond enclosure offers sharp corners and a unique, avant-garde overall design.

For a man with an elaborate aesthetic pallet, shopping for engagement rings for women is a great warm-up and selecting a mens wedding ring is the cherry on top. For those who thought that a man’s ability to express his style is limited to the unsophisticated framework of plain wedding rings and wedding bands, the mens wedding rings featured above are epic proof to the contrary. Explore, indulge and enjoy selecting the wedding ring that is right for your or your man!

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