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Engagement rings are intended to elicit an overwhelmingly positive reaction, but figuring out which type of engagement ring will accomplish this task is often more challenging than we expect. As you filter through thousands of unique engagement rings, how do you decide which engagement rings deserve a closer look? As you sift through thousands of cheap engagement rings, how do you determine which engagement ring deals are worth your time? And if you stumble upon a collection of Italian engagement rings, what information will you use to determine the level of sophistication of the design and how fair the price is? Are there any cz engagement rings on your radar? In this issue of DT Era we offer a few basic examples to help you embark on your engagement ring search.

cheap engagement ring

The design above is a relatively standard side stone trilogy engagement ring. With a half carat total diamond weight and a price below $1,000, this or a similar three stone diamond engagement ring is likely to appear in the cheap engagement rings category of an engagement ring store. Note that this cheap engagement ring does not demonstrate any distinct design characteristics per se, but with a trellis setting and three round center diamonds, beautifully accentuated by five round side diamonds, this or a similar engagement ring design certainly has the potential to wow the bride.

unique engagement ring

Unique engagement rings continue to enjoy a healthy increase in popularity, as the focus on exclusivity continues to dominate the minds of engagement ring shoppers. The asymmetrical engagement ring design pictured above, by most standards, would be deemed a unique engagement ring. A round diamond flower halo with an additional undulating row of round diamonds, extending from one of the three resulting strands of the white gold shank, all come together to create a distinct, exclusive engagement ring design. This or a comparable unique engagement ring certainly has what it takes to wow the bride.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings raise the bar for even the least sophisticated engagement ring designs. If you have never seen a plain three stone trilogy engagement ring be transformed into a sensational two tone gold trilogy masterpiece, it is pictured above. The shank is a gorgeous 18 karat white gold and pink (rose) gold design with three breathtaking Italian hand cut round brilliant diamonds. The bride is bound to say “wow”.

cz engagement ring

Finally, cz engagement rings are often underestimated in their potential to wow the bride. Remember, cz engagement rings simply replace high priced materials, gold and diamonds, with lower priced metals and cubic zirconia. The gorgeous halo cz engagement ring depicted above features a stunning interwoven shank and a world class halo, accomplished with round cut cz stones. Make no mistake about it, cz engagement rings certainly do not replace Italian engagement rings, but with the right setup and a perfectly executed proposal, this or a similar caliber cz engagement can leave the bride in a wow-coma.

Have you developed a sense of direction? Do you feel more confident and ready to begin your journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring to wow the love of your life? Keep in mind that the designs we presented are nothing more than a boiler plate foundation. It is our hope that, throughout your engagement ring search, you will build on this foundation to render the perfect engagement ring selection for the grand proposal.

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