Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings continue to dominate the global engagement ring demand. Similarly, while solitaire engagement rings embrace the traditional proposal, many buyers are looking for ways to differentiate solitaire engagement rings in ways that create an exclusive perspective while retaining the traditional engagement values they stand for, while also keeping solitaire engagement rings affordable, at the same time. Sounds like a daunting task? We certainly don’t think so, although we have found some challenges in the cz engagement rings category. While solitaire engagement rings do have a reputation for banal personalities and unsophisticated design elements, we have observed solitaire engagement rings that successfully challenge this reputation, including our favorite engagement ring category – Italian engagement rings. Similarly, while solitaire engagement rings and cheap engagement are not known to coexist, we have found solitaire engagement rings tbat challenge this perspective as well. And finally, while solitaire engagement rings and unique engagement rings are practically unheard of, in this issue we will present solitaire engagement rings that are in fact unique, exclusive and affordable at the same time.

affordable engagement ring

Affordable engagement rings categories rarely offer uique, exclusive solitaire engagement rings. This solitaire engagement ring design, however, challenges that perspective in an unforgiving way. At a price of around $300, this solitaire engagement ring offers a truly distinct aesthetic perspective, with an 18 karat white gold shank, split and then soldered in the center, to accomodate the gorgeous round solitaire diamond, all at an astronomically cheap price.

unique engagement ring

Unique engagement rings also do not typically see solitaire engagement rings amongst their peers. The solitaire engagement ring above, however, challenges this status quo. Note the 18k white gold shank with an extra fine polish. The shank is split on one side to give rise to extra tall prongs, which extend from the base of the shank to accommodate the sensational round cut (brilliant) diamond. Although we rarely justify placing unique engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings in the same sentence, this gorgeous solitaire engagement ring certainly puts things in perspective.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings are always at the forefront of aesthetic evolution. Italian engagement ring designs continue to surprise us with innovative design elements, infinity shanks, asymmetrical design concepts and the like. The solitaire engagement ring pictured above revolutionizes the entire top echelon of solitaire engagement rings we have been exposed to. The 18k two tone Italian white gold pink (rose) gold shank is interwoven, split and then soldered back together, where the interweave is molded into the shank at the initial mold. The hand cut Italian round brilliant diamond is secured with two gorgeous 18k white gold prongs, brilliantly completing this design. This solitaire engagement ring is a 100% manual project, and serves as the epitome of innovative solitaire engagement rings we are rarely exposed to.

cz engagement ring

When it comes to CZ engagement rings, finding unique solitaire engagement ring can be a bit more challenging. While we have certainly seen some pretty solitaire engagement ring designs, in our view, cz engagement rings tend to either oversimplify solitaire engagement rings or set cubic zirconia stones of a size we believe is out of proportion. The above pictured cz engagement ring features a modernized version of the original six claw solitaire engagement ring, first introduced in the late 1800s. It is a beautiful cz engagement ring design indeed. From the standpoint of cz engagement rings it is certainly a beautiful and affordable, traditional engagement ring design, but we cannot refer to it as unique.

If you are browsing through solitaire engagement rings in hopes of finding the perfect solitaire design for the perfect proposal, remember to expose yourself to as many different perspectives as possible. Settling for solitaire engagement rings too early often results in regrets, so we always recommend that you allow yourself the proper time and surround yourself with the right team of experts, who will guide you through the thousands of solitaire engagement rings available in the industry. Just as with all of the other engagement rings we cover, solitaire engagement rings can be a complex topic to grasp, so always take your time, ask the right questions and make it a great experience!

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