Contemporary Engagement Rings

Contemporary engagement rings are at the forefront of aesthetic innovation. Some see contemporary engagement rings as an escape from the daily grind, an opportunity to propose or be proposed to in style and savor the flavor for decades to come. One of the challenges with contemporary engagement rings is the very definition of the word “contemporary”. One definition of contemporary is modern and another is up-to-the-minute. In other words, contemporary engagement rings are tasked with staying up to date with the most current engagement ring trends, as well as the constant evolution of engagement ring tastes and preferences. A word of caution – contemporary engagement rings, just like unique engagement rings, are not suitable for everyone’s taste. In this issue of DT Era we examine the contemporary engagement rings we have found across the different engagement ring categories we cover.

unique engagement ring
unique engagement ring

Unique engagement rings entail many different components, and while contemporary engagement rings tend to also be unique engagement rings, a unique engagement ring may not necessarily be a contemporary engagement ring. In fact, most unique engagement rings are not contemporary engagement rings. More specifically, unique engagement rings simply exhibit uncommon design characteristics that separate them from the mainstream. Unique engagement rings may include curved and intertwined shanks, custom diamond settings and the like. Contemporary engagement rings, on the other hand, may include sharp edges, specific undulating patterns, abstract designs and many other components.

heart engagement ring
cheap engagement ring

Cheap engagement rings have gained tremendous popularity, especially in recent years as more people are confined to a budget, when shopping for engagement rings. The focus with contemporary engagement rings is on the design, and not so much on the metal or stones set in the ring. Put in perspective, a cheap engagement ring may feature a smaller total diamond weight and 10k gold instead of 18 karat gold, but still feature design elements that ultimately classify it as a contemporary engagement ring and suitable for the cheap engagement rings category. In this context, we have observed different design elements of contemporary engagement rings in the cheap engagement rings category, including abstract diamond arrangements with non-traditional patterns, different variations of split and interrupted shanks, quite a few diamond pave combinations and more.

Italian engagement ring
Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings have earned a reputation and have become synonymous with unique engagement rings. And although most Italian engagement rings we have seen are in fact unique engagement rings, they are not contemporary engagement rings. Italian engagement ring designs historically feature invisible, cluster, pave and sheet diamond settings, as well as undulating shanks in white gold, yellow gold and rose (pink) gold. However, there is a certain percentage of Italian engagement rings which also boast avant-garde, truly contemporary diamond arrangements, such as combining black and clear diamonds, interwoven and interrupted shanks, etc… When it comes to Italian engagement rings, most can be classified as unique engagement rings and roughly 15-20% would be classified as contemporary engagement rings.

If a contemporary engagement ring is her choice, then consider browsing through different categories and different styles of contemporary engagement rings to see which one would suit her best. Contemporary engagement rings add a new level of sophistication to any engagement ring search, as the term is somewhat abstract and heavily subjected to a specific designer’s interpretation of the word “contemporary”. Nevertheless, contemporary engagement rings are out there, and a few clicks can get you started on what will hopefully be an exhilarating contemporary engagement ring search.

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