Simple Jewelry Haunted by Dauntless Complexity

Simple Jewelry Haunted by Dauntless Complexity

If jewelry complexity is what generates a double take, simple jewelry haunted by dauntless complexity is what keeps us wearing our favorite designer jewelry in the first place. An exquisite pallet of sophistication typically has two specific cravings – attention and cutting edge design breakthroughs. Forget the banal heart necklace and stud earrings, and wrap a piece of exclusive artistry around your neck and fingers. From the standpoint of the master jewelry designer, sweat breeds originality and exclusivity surrenders to dedication. Certainly, an exhausted solitaire engagement ring can be converted into an original breakthrough, with the help of some perspiration. However, perseverance is what perfects that original engagement ring into a world class piece modern era, that sets the stage for a revolving precedent, which drives aesthetic direction for other jewelry designers of that and other generations. The mainstream jewelry arena is filled with designs that fulfill the average expectations, but for the top 5% that demands the ideal and flawless, the main stream dries up in a heartbeat. For this 5% of the population, jewelry design expectations are driven by unforgiving dissatisfaction with the crowd and an unstoppable pursuit of distinction.

split shank engagement ring

Perfecting every curve, split and diamond requires an integral understanding of the design, well before it is transmuted into physical existence. Consider the exhaustive nature of the mind of the master Italian jeweler, who created the above masterpiece in his mind and envisioned the final product, before this piece of jewelry ever made it into a single galleria. The artist draws on energy on the inside, inventing designs that ultimately generate sensation on the outside, recognizing the work of genius inventors who live to create, build and fulfill.

original engagement ring

Dauntless complexity arises out of overwhelming simplicity, and fills the void of simple designs with gaps that, when filled with mastery, have the potential to elevate the aesthetic class of a piece of jewelry to colossal heights. Some instances call for simple alterations with respect to the symmetry and curvature, and others require a full-scale uproar. At the end of the day, when an Italian master jeweler goes to bed, their goal is to steal one heart beat from every person who wears or displays their work.

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