The Burning Flame in an Expensive Italian Obsession

An Expensive Italian Obsession

The burning sensation from the fire and scintillation of Italian mastery dates back to the Roman Empire. Quite frankly, the most accomplished master jewelers in Italy stem from a childhood of art and an adulthood of mastering the balance between art and science. High end engagement rings are most commonly the product of relentless dedication to perfection, which is the burning flame in an expensive Italian obsession. More diamonds and a greater gold content does not automatically constitute royalty. An engagement ring produced by the uncompromising perfection of every curve, split, prong and diamond, however, is an entirely different story. The definition of contemporary engagement rings continues to evolve into more abstract and eccentric concepts, and with it the contemporary engagement rings themselves are offering less of the mundane and more of the uncharted. The Italian understanding of rose gold engagement rings is as rudimentary as rose gold engagement rings themselves – they lead the way in jewelry design exploration.

bezel engagement ring

As it relates to bezel engagement rings, Italy has taken the bezel concept to brand new heights by eliminating the expected and experimenting with simple alterations. For instance, a bezel can be set with a round cut diamond, but a square bezel can be set with a princess cut diamond. Additionally, a bezel can be installed onto the shank, but it can also be molded into the shank. Not surprisingly, molding a bezel into the shank requires astronomical precision, Italian precision. Notice that the design above is a prime example of a bezel molded into the shank, wrapping the round brilliant hand cut diamond with surgical perfection. It is this type of relentless dedication to perfection that makes Italy the high end jewelry capital of the world.

If you ever walk along a shopping center in Florence, you will quickly notice that Italian jewelry tends to feature smaller diamonds than in most other countries, especially in the U.S. When a winery serves a port with chocolate, it is covering up the taste imperfections of the wine. When jewelry exhibits diamonds that overpower and distract one from noticing the overall design, you be the judge. What jewelry moves you?

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