Engagement Rings Have Doppelgangers?

Do engagement rings have doppelgangers? Suppose that many plain solitaire engagement rings may be considered the same across different verticals, but what about certain unique engagement rings? What about black diamond engagement rings or wedding rings under 100 dollars? We have observed that many of the higher priced, mostly diamond engagement rings, in fact have cheaper doppelgangers. Note that in the context of engagement rings, doppelgangers are not necessarily 100% alike, but they may be, give or take, 75% similar or even more. In several of the past issues of DT Era we had mentioned the implications of higher priced engagement rings, noting the fact that higher prices commend more expensive materials, gold and diamonds, but do not necessarily have any bearing on the design. In fact, often times cheap engagement rings are replicas of their higher priced diamond engagement ring counterparts, but with sterling silver instead of gold and cz stones instead of diamonds. In this issue of DT Era we prove this concept to you, by demonstrating a few diamond engagement rings and their cheaper cz engagement ring counterparts.

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We begin with this unique three stone trilogy engagement ring. Unique engagement rings are rarely duplicated, or are they? In our observation, often times it’s the unique diamond engagement rings that engagement rings under 100 dollars attempt to emulate. This particular trilogy engagement ring design features a unique, tension set arrangement. As the name suggests, the split shank converges on the round cut diamond to hold them in place. In the cz version of this engagement ring, the shank is produced in silver tone and the diamonds are replaced with beautiful cz stones, and notice how well this design was executed!

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Perhaps side stone engagement rings are more of a traditional endeavor, but these designs truly reflect one another. The cz side stone engagement ring features two rows of round side diamonds, two accent cz stones and a beautiful round center cubic zirconia. The diamond version of this engagement ring simply features two round side stones (round cut diamonds) per side with the larger round center diamond. Which one of these engagement ring versions do you think came first?

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What is the difference between these two low-priced engagement rings? They are both traditional side stone designs with a sizable round center stone. If you said prongs, you are correct! The diamond side stone engagement ring features a four prong setting, securing the round center diamond. The cz engagement ring version features a six prong setting at the center cz stone, partially to reflect the original solitaire engagement ring produced in the late 1800’s. In those days the solitaire diamond was secured by six “claws”, which were later replaced by the currently known more delicate prongs.

Do you feel like new opportunities presented themselves to you, now that you have gained an understanding as to the higher and lower priced version of similar engagement rings? Did this article challenge your current ways of thinking about engagement rings or at least help generate new ideas for you to consider throughout your engagement ring search? The more extensive your knowledge, the faster you can find the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring in the shortest amount of time. Remember, if discount engagement rings have doppelgangers, affordable wedding rings have twins as well!

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