Conventions Made Unconventional

The engagement is a tradition that spans centuries and generations of customs and conventions. And while the engagement ring is meant to serve as an extension of this tradition, in recent years engagement rings have been designed with various revolutionary modifications. In some instances these unique engagement rings have become so “unique” that they no longer look like engagement rings as we know them. For instance, the romantic heart symbol was incorporated into engagement rings in the late 19th century, which used to be limited only to romantic gifts and decorations. Even a search of engagement rings under 100 dollars reveals engagement rings with stars and even horse shoes. Black diamond engagement rings are relatively unique in and of themselves, but more recently we started observing unconventional black diamond halo engagement rings, yin yang engagement rings and more. Finally, discount engagement rings are now being designed with doves, dual shanks and other unconventional design elements. In this issue of DT Era we examine unconventional engagement rings and wedding rings, which are intentionally designed against the grain.

modern ring

First we present this unconventional three stone trilogy engagement ring. Italian engagement rings rarely conform to any design standards, but this engagement ring adds a ribbon to an otherwise traditional trilogy design. Produced in 18k white gold, this design is actually much harder to classify than many of the other engagement rings we cover. Did you even think that this is an engagement ring, when you first saw it?

unique engagement ring

Next we move on to this unconventional swan engagement ring. Interestingly enough, this is a solitaire diamond engagement ring, but how many solitaire engagement rings have you seen in this design? Produced in 14k yellow gold and listed well below $300, this distinctive engagement ring revolutionizes the possibilities.

affordable wedding ring

Affordable wedding rings have advanced a great deal in the aspect of modernization. There was a time when cheap wedding rings and bands prevailed in the industry, with little to no prospect of evolution. Today affordable engagement rings feature evolutionary designs, contemporary styles and truly remarkable design combinations. The cheap wedding ring featured above is priced at around $20, featuring black enamel on silver tone. Beautiful round cz stones accompany the design along the perimeter of the square-like shank.

Italian wedding ring

We complete our analysis with a brief discussion of Italian wedding rings. Italian wedding rings, much like Italian engagement rings, are generally a unique breed. However, there is a certain percentage of Italian wedding rings that takes the unique elements to a different level. These are the wedding rings that we would refer to as unconventional. The Italian wedding ring above is essentially two wedding ring shanks soldered into one, with a black enamel enclosure and an Italian solitaire diamond that completes the design. Have you ever seen a wedding ring like this?

As you can see, unconventional engagement rings and unconventional wedding rings are a unique breed. Often times unconventional designs are what takes us over the edge as a society, to shift our engagement ring and wedding ring tastes and preferences in a certain direction. Believe it or not, there was a time when a three stone trilogy engagement ring was unconventional. As recently as early to mid 20th century, princess cut engagement rings were unconventional. Hopefully this issue of DT Era helped expose you to some of the less traditional engagement rings and wedding rings out there, to help you keep your mind open as you look for the perfect engagement and wedding ring for yourself.

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