A Foundation Compelled by Glamour

We have dedicated a great deal of our engagement ring material to unique engagement rings. However, within the unique engagement ring phenomenon there is a niche we like to refer to as the GQ of engagement rings – modern engagement rings. The most challenging aspect of modern engagement rings is categorically defining and systemically separating them from unique engagement rings. Categorical overlap complicates matters even further, where many black diamond engagement rings, for example, are also glamorous and modern engagement rings. In this issue of DT Era we discuss the glamour element of a few select engagement rings to put the concept in perspective.

unique engagement ring

Few can argue about the contemporary nature of the engagement ring featured above, but how does one define and separate this engagement ring from the rest? Asked in a different way, what separates this unusually elegant engagement ring from the herd of all other unique engagement rings? Here is the trick – to answer this question we go back to grass roots and define the foundation of this diamond engagement ring. If you remove the diamond wrap, this is a classic halo engagement ring with a split shank, but add the diamond wrap back and you have a moderately sophisticated, contemporary look of an engagement ring with an edge.

unique engagement ring

Next we review another asymmetrical engagement ring masterpiece, also with a split, overlapping shank in white gold and a fashion forward round cut diamond arrangement. Compare this contemporary engagement ring with any traditional design and the difference is clear – this diamond engagement ring really does stand out, but why? Again we return to grass roots, and if you look at the foundation of this engagement ring by mentally removing the diamond wrap from the mold, you have almost the same halo diamond engagement ring as in the previous example. Do you see a pattern? Much like words have etymologies, engagement rings typically have foundations that make them possible to understand.

unique engagement ring

Let’s step aside from halo engagement rings and look at the contemporary engagement ring shown above. The engagement ring design looks complex, modern and truly does exhibit edge. But what about this contemporary engagement ring makes it stand out? Again, we look at the foundation. Any guesses as to the precursor to this engagement ring design? This is in fact a modified solitaire engagement ring. The shank was split and symmetrically rotated, adding three rows of side stones and extending a white gold connecting piece with a four prong setting, which holds the beautiful round diamond. Three simple changes and look at the results – that’s the power of contemporary engagement rings.

Do you see contemporary engagement rings differently now than you did before? Do you see unique engagement rings differently than you did before? Creating engagement rings with glamour is as much of an art as it is a science. Keep in mind that classifying unique engagement rings and contemporary engagement rings is always subject to interpretation, much like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Hopefully this issue of DT Era helped shed some light on ways to approach different engagement ring designs, as well as ways to interpret and understand their origins.

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