What Are These Italians Thinking?

When you see Italian jewelry, do you sometimes wonder what could possibly be the precursor to some of the extravagant Italian necklaces or Italian engagement rings? We certainly do, and looking at a pair of Italian earrings certainly helps put some design elements in perspective. Understanding Italian jewelry can be compared with understanding us women. And while Italian rings do offer a glimpse into innovative aesthetic elements, the only comprehendable precursor is the shank itself. Looking at an Italian necklace, for example, sometimes gives people goosebumps, but understanding the design is a whole different story. In this issue of DT Era we offer a first hand appreciation of Italian engagement rings, Italian wedding rings and a few other pieces of Italian jewelry.

Italian ring

We start with the above pictured Italian engagement ring, First off, is this in fact an engagement ring? At first one may consider the possibility of this design being a modified three-stone engagement ring, but where have you seen a three stone trilogy engagement ring that even remotely resembles this design? The fact is, this Italian engagement ring does not have a classification. It certainly is not a solitaire engagement ring, nor is it a three stone or even flower engagement ring. This Italian engagement ring is its own breed. Sounds complex? We are only getting started.

Italian necklace

Next we look at an Italian diamond necklace. The challenge persists – what exactly do you call this Italian necklace? It certainly isn’t a circle necklace; nor is it a spiral necklace. Essentially this is a large circle that was folded to create the interweave, but there is no term for this in the jewelry industry. The front of the circle boasts gorgeous Italian round (brilliant) cut diamonds, but good luck explaining this Italian necklace to your friend or coworker – you have to see it.

Italian wedding ring

This Italian wedding ring follows no commonly accepted design pattern. The white gold shank is split three ways with two overlaps, one of which consists of a strand of round brilliant cut Italian diamonds. Every year we see millions of wedding rings being sold all over the world. Some conform to standards, others do not, but this Italian engagement ring creates standards of its own.

Italian earrings

Last but not least we examine these Italian earrings. Again, what do you call this pair of Italian earrings, Twist and Shout? Are these earrings intended to resemble two ballerinas? Yes, exactly! These Italian earrings were inspired by a choreographed number from a ballet. Who in their right mind designs earrings inspired by a ballet? The answer – innovative, cutting edge jewelry designers, and Italians certainly fit the bill.

Do these illustrations motivate you to view jewelry differently? Have these jewelry pieces painted a different picture of Italian jewelry than the one you previously had in mind? The abundance in mainstream jewelry is our factual reality, but the presence of Italian jewelry designs featured above is limited to the bold and audacious who dare to be different. So venture out, see what the world of jewelry has to offer and don’t be afraid to constantly find something better!

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