Unique Engagement Rings and Unique Characteristics


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The Process of Creating Unique Engagement Rings

Expensive engagement rings are a peculiar category, as most people dream, for example, of Italian engagement rings, but not everyone chooses to pay what they cost. The most important question to ask in the context of engagement rings is why are expensive engagement rings expensive? The second question is, is it worth it? While we dedicate this writing to help our readers answer the first question, the answer to the second question is strictly a function of every individual’s priorities. Expensive engagement rings typically start with high end designs. More specifically, high end engagement rings commonly feature labor intensive designs. This means that virtually every detail of high end engagement rings tends to be accomplished or refined by hand. A high end engagement ring design may call for a split shank, sharp angles that are challenging to achieve, complex diamond arrangements and a myriad of other design elements. Expensive engagement rings also tend to offer high end diamonds, with impressive diamond cuts and the appropriately graded diamond clarity and color. For instance, Italian engagement rings frequently offer VS1-VS2 diamonds or eye-clean SI1-SI2 diamonds, but nothing below these grades. Last but not least, expensive engagement rings tend to exhibit unparalleled craftsmanship. High end engagement rings will tend to retain diamonds in place, while the diamond settings tend to be quite resilient to breakage. Let’s review a few expensive engagement rings and discuss some examples.

engagement ring in white gold

Most expensive engagement rings offer some innovative design characteristics, but some expensive engagement rings are outrageously unique. The Italian engagement ring shown above boasts a drop dead gorgeous 14k white gold shank, split and curved to give rise to twelve incredible round cut side stone diamonds, which converge on the quarter carat round brilliant center diamond. High end engagement rings are expensive for a reason, and this extraordinary engagement ring requires approximately 48 hours just for prototyping.

white gold engagement ring 3 round cut stones

Expensive high end tastes with unique characteristics tend to long for sharpness and vivacity of design. The custom engagement ring shown above features an extraordinarily unique 14k white gold and rose gold shank, with a customized split and overlapping shank, creating the tension setting that holds the three sensational Italian hand cut round brilliant diamonds.

princess cut engagement ring

Expensive high end engagement rings often call for contemporary designs that simply don’t make their way into your local engagement ring stores. The 14 karat white gold engagement ring shown above boasts a gorgeous vintage shank with a filigree pattern, which gives rise to the insatiable princess cut diamond, secured by a prong setting to complete the design.

Expensive high end tastes with unique characteristics are ultimately a fourth engagement ring dimension. When paying for expensive high end engagement rings, the expectations raise the bar, even for some of the most world renowned engagement ring stores. If you’re the type who will spend on expensive engagement rings, always be sure to expect the best, only the best and nothing but the best, so help you God.

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