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White gold engagement rings continue to enjoy overwhelming popularity and tremendous growth in the engagement ring and jewelry markets in general. If you take at a random sample of engaged women under 30, white gold engagement seem to prevail, but where does this preference stem from? Consider this, when you wear black, a white gold engagement ring is a great match. When you wear white, pink, red, green or any other color, a white gold engagement ring is almost always a great match as well. Can you say the same about yellow gold engagement rings? How about rose gold engagement rings? There is an aspect of universality that is native only to white gold engagement rings, as well as some silver engagement rings. And as the last bit of introduction, where are we most likely to find white gold engagement rings? While engagement rings under 100 dollars, much like cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars, will tend to offer white gold bonded or white gold plated engagement rings, engagement rings under 500 dollars is the first price point at which we consistently see engagement ring options in white gold. Italian engagement rings almost invariably offer designs in white gold and most diamond engagement rings today offer white gold as a base metal option. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to white gold engagement rings and understanding the design possibilities that make white gold engagement rings the go-to for so many people every year.

white gold engagement ring

Engagement rings under 100 dollars have been the subject of several issues of DT Era. It is a well known fact that $100 is typically not enough to render an engagement ring with gold and diamonds. It is, however, enough to offer a white gold bonded or white gold plated engagement ring. White gold rhodium bond is achieved using an electroplating process, that coats the ring with heavy layers of rhodium. Rhodium is a close cousin of platinum, which costs three times as much and gives the above engagement ring the platinum luster. This engagement ring also features round cz side stones and a large cubic zirconia center stone, in silver tone.

engagement ring under 500

Engagement rings under 500 dollars continue to surprise us with unique design characteristics. The white gold engagement ring shown above features a white gold, interwoven shank, with a gorgeous one fifth carat solitaire diamond. Remember the aspect of universality, in the context of white gold engagement rings? Imagine wearing this engagement ring with every color dress or outfit you own.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings present even more options in white gold. In fact, at least 50% of the most popular engagement rings are produced in 18k white gold, as the popularity of yellow gold wanes among the younger generation. The Italian white gold engagement ring pictured above features an 18 karat white gold shank with a gorgeous bezel, molded into the shank, and a stunning Italian round cut solitaire diamond.

White gold engagement rings continue to grow in popularity with more options and features, as the engagement rings market evolves and expectations intensify. The fact is, whether you prefer cz stones, diamonds, gemstones or non diamond engagement rings, white gold engagement rings offer all of these options and more. Think of white gold as the foundation that adds an element of universality, fire and scintillation to almost every engagement ring design.

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