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Wedding rings are a very large topic, and shopping for wedding rings becomes complex, since wedding rings must be purchased by a certain date, wedding rings must match engagement rings and wedding rings must also abide by certain aesthetic requirements of the bride and groom. But most of all, wedding rings must be affordable. Cheap wedding rings, much like affordable engagement rings, are challenging to understand due to the infinite interpretations of the word “cheap”. In order to simplify the topic of cheap wedding rings as much as possible, in this issue of DT Era we will focus on two major categories – cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars and affordable wedding rings, which will focus on discounted wedding rings that are listed for a fraction of their suggested retail price.

cheap wedding ring under 100

With cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars you can navigate in at least three different directions. The cheap wedding ring under 100 dollars pictured above is, by most standards, a classic, traditional eternity wedding band. Its price tag of around $40 relative to its high quality .925 sterling silver shank and beautiful emerald cut cz stones earned it prime recognition in the cheap wedding rings under $100 category.

cheap wedding ring under $100

Believe it or not, cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars tend to feature quite a few unique wedding rings as well. And although unique wedding rings are also a challenge to analyze, due to the overwhelming number of interpretations of the word “unique”, by most accounts, this cz lace design is the epitome of unique wedding rings. And with a price tag of around $20, this unique wedding ring and cheap wedding ring takes the cake!

cheap wedding ring under 100

Last but not least, a note about contemporary wedding rings. Contemporary wedding rings differ from unique wedding rings in their relentless pursuit of the latest fashion trends. Unique wedding rings tend to feature uncommon design elements, whereas contemporary wedding rings will invariably offer the absolute latest trends. The contemporary wedding ring above offers an avant-garde shank in silver tone, with two sharp corners perpendicular to the trajectory of the shank, set with gorgeous round cut cz stones. With a price of well under $20, this contemporary wedding ring is an invaluable contributor to the cheap wedding rings category.

cheap wedding ring
cheap wedding ring

Moving on to cheap wedding rings, this is a category that also offers both traditional wedding rings, unique wedding rings and contemporary wedding rings. The main different is that while cheap wedding rings under $100 will tend to offer sterling silver and cubic zirconia, cheap wedding rings will also offer gold and diamonds. Outside of this differentiating factor, cheap wedding rings will just as readily offer unique wedding rings, contemporary wedding rings and more.

One of the misleading factors about cheap wedding rings is that, unlike with cheap engagement rings, wedding rings have less room for design innovation. After viewing the above illustrations, hopefully you have seen enough designs to challenge this misconception. The fact is that cheap wedding rings have as much, if not more, room for experimenting with curved, split and interwoven shanks, various diamond, gemstone and cubic zirconia arrangements, and so much more. Go on, enjoy your search for wedding rings and remember to keep an open mind and expose yourselves to as many types of wedding rings as possible, before making your final selection.

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