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Being in a position of the number one source for engagement rings trends, guidance and education, we are often told and asked, “engagement rings is such a big topic that I am overwhelmed; where do I start?”. A fascinating fact is that is that people who first embark on their engagement ring search consist of two major categories – those who think they know exactly which engagement ring they want and those who admit that they do not know which engagement rings to even start browsing. Interestingly enough, at least 50% of those who think they know exactly which engagement ring they want end buying a totally different engagement ring. For instance, those who start browsing through unique engagement rings end up buying from cheap engagement rings, and we have seen people start browsing through cheap engagement rings to eventually purchase from the Italian engagement rings category. Why does this happen? It happens because during any vast engagement ring search, people become exposed to engagement rings they have never seen, sparking curiosity and motivation to consider change. In this issue of DT Era we review some boiler plate engagement ring styles, to help you get your search off the ground.

solitaire engagement ring
solitaire engagement ring

We start with the most basic engagement ring there is – the solitaire engagement ring. A word of caution – while unique solitaire engagement rings do exist, most solitaire engagement rings tend to be relatively generic, as this design offers less room for aesthetic innovation than most of the other designs we cover. Consider this a starting point, as solitaire engagement rings can help you narrow down your favorite metal color, such as silver, gold (white, pink and yellow) and platinum. The solitaire engagement ring is a precursor to the next most common engagememt ring design – the three stone trilogy engagement ring.

three stone engagement ring
trilogy engagement ring

Three stone trilogy engagement rings expand the possibilities, since arranging three diamond or gemstones offers much more room for creativity than a solitaire diamond. Perhaps the most crucial factor with regard to three stone engagement rings is that the majority of the designs involve a center stone and two accent stones, with little to no innovation. For this reason, finding a trilogy engagement ring that appeals to you may require a significant amount of time and patience.

cheap engagement ring
affordable engagement ring

We move on to cheap engagement rings, where the possibilities expand even further to include cz engagement rings. Just as the broad name suggests, cheap engagement rings may entail everything from solotaire engagement rings to fully custom designs, but typically at a discount price. The most important factor to consider in the cheap engagement rings category is the discount claim. We always advise that you take the time to make sure that the affordable engagement ring you are considering is in fact competitively priced.

unique engagement ring
unique engagement ring

With unique engagement rings the possibilities grow to infinity. By definition, nique engagement rings do not conform to traditional and widely accepted engagement ring designs. For this reason, many unique engagement rings have no globally recognized classification. Note that there are different levels of unique engagement rings, and if you decide to go the unique engagement rings route, we strongly advise that you take the time to awcertain the level of design exclusivity you are comfortavle rings. Some unique engagement rings are, as the phrase goes, “way out there”. Therefore, deciding what unique means to you and how far you are interested in taking your search are important factors to consider, preferably early on in your search.

Engagement rings are indeed a large and comprehensive topic, with many moving parts. Please note that in this issue we merely laid a foundation for what hopefully will be an exhilarating engagement ring search. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis of all engagement rings or all engagement ring styles, but hopefully it gives you some ammunition to begin your journey. Remember to take deep breaths, keep an open mind stay true to the engagement ring designs that make sense to you!

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