Affordable Wedding Means Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

What’s on top of mind these days for weddings and engagements? Affordable price, cheap price and the lowest price – pun intended! Cheap diamond engagement rings may be on everyone’s agenda, but finding a selection of truly cheap diamond engagement rings is a different matter. The average cost per engagement ring in the US is set at $5,000, so are all engagement rings priced below the average considered cheap diamond engagement rings? Our position is, not necessarily. An affordable engagement ring should be determined by the value it brings to the table, relative to its price point. In other words, designer engagement rings with a certain diamond weight and quality, that are trending at $1,000, should be considered affordable engagement rings if and when they are priced below the $1,000 price point. Let’s review some affordable engagement rings that we believe bring a great deal of value in ultimately contributing to an affordable wedding.

affordable diamond engagement ring

While Italian engagement rings are world renowned for their designs, rather than affordability, an affordable wedding means different things to different people. If you have ever gone through engagement ring stores in Milan, Italy, you are intimately familiar with the fact that finding cheap diamond engagement rings for less than €1,000 is next to impossible. If you try to find cheap diamond engagement rings for less than $500, you may just be laughed out of the store. The Italian engagement ring above, however, offers a stunning 18k white gold split shank with an Italian round brilliant diamond. Sometimes even the simplest of cheap diamond engagement rings can render a unique edge, when the cheap diamond engagement rings are produced in Italy. An affordable wedding means an affordable engagement, and this engagement ring can do wonders for both style and affordability.

cheap diamond engagement ring

We move on to a classic side stone engagement ring design. Cheap diamond engagement rings and affordable wedding rings must offer one common ground – value. But isn’t it a great value ad, when cheap diamond engagement rings are also unique and exclusive? This engagement ring features a 14k white gold shank. The shank is not split but it is sectioned, to accommodate a brief overlap and a channel setting with four side stones on each side. The round cut diamonds give rise to the larger round cut center diamond. With a price of under $1,000, this cheap diamond engagement ring is a pleasure to see and buy.

affordable diamond wedding ring

Affordable wedding rings contribute to the bottom line just as much as engagement rings, and the same rules apply. Affordable wedding rings must offer value, which means prices below the trend. This affordable wedding ring is distinguished by a unique shank in white gold, with slanted indentures molded into the shank. In addition, there is a quarter carat in total diamond weight – five gorgeous round cut diamonds, set in a channel setting to accentuate the final design.

An affordable wedding means cheap diamond engagement rings, so it is important to consider value. It is equally important, however, to consider your budget in general, when looking through cheap diamond engagement rings. Keep in mind that there is always the option of buying a higher end engagement ring and make up for it with a cheaper wedding ring, or vice versa. Take some time, sort through the cheap diamond engagement rings and wedding rings out there, and make your move!

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