Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Unique diamond engagement rings and wedding rings

Unique diamond engagement rings continue to surprise us, both in terms of unprecedented designs and what the market labels as “unique”. Some engagement ring stores even offer rose gold engagement ring options, such as to start with a diamond or to start with a setting. Others offer unique diamond engagement rings in the form of a finished product, where the options may only include white gold or rose gold, as well as a certain specified diamond weight range. It is interesting to note that few engagement ring stores agree on what unique diamond engagement rings look like or what they should offer. For instance, can a rudimentary solitaire diamond engagement ring ever be placed in the unique diamond engagement rings category? Can a three-stone engagement ring, under any circumstances, be placed with unique diamond engagement rings? In order to answer these questions, we review a few examples of what we contend are in fact unique diamond engagement rings.

rose gold engagement ring

Unique diamond engagement rings must have an edge, by definition. You can certainly achieve an edge with all engagement ring designs, including mainstream, but this issue of DT Era focuses on unique diamond engagement rings that conform to no known design specifications. The unique diamond engagement rings we are interested in, for the purpose of this writing, have no industry standard names or classifications. For instance, the unique rose gold engagement ring shown above boasts a 14 karat yellow gold halo setting. Have you seen other unique diamond engagement rings exactly like it? Most people have not, as unique diamond engagement rings must distinguish themselves with distinctive patterns and innovative diamond arrangements. This particular rose gold diamond engagement ring offers traditional design, with a single cushion diamond halo hugging a luxury 1 carat center diamond. This rose gold ring is one example of uniqueness that you can expect from Encore DT designers.

rose gold diamond ring

Next we examine a design that offers multiple interweaves, a flower halo and a whole list of other factors, expected from unique diamond engagement rings. The 14k rose gold shank is split and highlighted by side stones – beautiful round cut diamonds along the strands. An open circle connects the split strands, with round cut diamonds along the circumference. The halo is completed with an additional contour of round cut diamonds, converging on the four princess cut center diamonds. Not only is this a phenomenally complex engagement ring design, but it is also a true testament to unique diamond engagement rings.

rose gold engagement ring

Unique rose gold engagement rings often utilize some traditional design characteristics, in combination with distinguishable elements that help set them apart. The unique diamond engagement ring above features large square 14k rose gold shank with round cut diamond side stones. Also note the pave setting, securing more than 52 diamond side stones around the center diamond.

Unique diamond engagement rings are a rare breed. Many claim to carry unique diamond engagement rings, but the answers are always in the details. When looking through unique diamond engagement rings, we always recommend using discretion, and making sure that the essential elements of distinction are there. When the “unique diamond engagement rings” label appears on a collection of engagement rings, it must always do so with merit.

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