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One day your little girl will be ready to search through what she will consider exclusive engagement rings and unique wedding rings, but until then are there no options for a jewelry gift? Most girls have chosen their perfect engagement ring well before they reach adulthood, but what shapes the preferences that makes these girls gravitate towards Italian engagement rings versus certain discount engagement rings or even cz engagement rings? Although psychologists rarely agree on what exactly shapes little girls’ preferences with regard to engagement rings and wedding rings, there is a hypothesis that the jewelry they receive while growing up largely dictates what they subsequently find attractive as adults. But isn’t jewelry too expensive to purchase for little girls? Much like there are Italian engagement rings and discount engagement rings, there are Italian necklaces and affordable necklaces, and the same goes for earrings and bracelets. Prices do vary, but keep in mind that the jewelry gifts you give to your little girl today could have an impact on her engagement ring and wedding ring preferences when the time comes. In this issue of DT Era we offer ideas to help our readers grasp the typically unnoticed topic of jewelry gifts for the little princess.

Italian necklace
silver necklace

We start with the basics – a little butterfly for the little butterfly. In our extensive coverage of unique engagement rings, in several issues of DT Era we mentioned the role that the price plays in engagement rings and wedding rings, and the same applies to necklaces for the little princess. The price determines the materials – metal and stones, but the price has no bearing on the design of the necklace. Italian necklaces are not know for their affordability, but they certainly set a valuable precedent for jewelry innovation. The Italian butterfly necklace pictured above features 18k white gold and just under a tenth of a carat in Italian round brilliant diamonds. With a 16 inch chain in white gold, your little girl will likely be able to put the necklace on and take it off without using the clasp. The cz necklace shown above features clear and black cubic zirconia with a chain boasting a 14 karat gold bonded crystal alloy. Both of these necklaces are beautiful, but the Italian necklaces is listed around $600, whereas the cubic zirconia necklace is offered at well under $50.

silver ring
Italian ring

As we move our discussion to rings, it is important to mention that rings may render the most profound influence of a little girl’s taste with regard to engagement rings and wedding rings. The different options with rings also tend to include multiple price ranges. Italian rings will tend to offer higher end metals and diamonds, whereas the cheaper rings can offer comparable designs with cheaper materials, such as sterling silver and cz stones. The first ring pictured above features a sterling silver shank with a synthetic black onyx. With a listed price of under $20, opportunity knocks! The second ring pictured above is an Italian masterpiece, featuring an Italian sapphire gemstone and round cut diamond combination. The shank is produced in 18k gold and look at the potential, but with a listed price of under $1,000, this ring is certainly more of a commitment.

Italian earrings

silver earrings

In the context of the little princess, earrings are a controversial topic, as the age at which it is considered “appropriate” for little girls to get their ears pierced varies from on mom to another. At DT Era, our purpose is merely to present the ideas with regard to the possibilities, leaving the rest to you. The first pair of earrings pictured above are in fact Italian earrings. Produced in 18K white gold with an additional 0.04 carats in total diamond weight, these earrings are a true testament to class and sophistication, which some choose to instill in their daughters at an early age. The second pair of earrings consists of studs in sterling silver, featuring one carat of total weight of the gorgeous pink cubic zirconia, round cut and set in four prong settings to complete the design. The Italian earrings are listed at around $250, whereas the sterling silver pink cz studs are listed well under 20 dollars, but both designs are beautiful in their own way and offer plenty of potential for the little girl.

When it comes to jewelry gifts, the possibilities are certainly there and instilling a sense of style into the little princess is well within reach. The beauty about starting with jewelry early on is the ability to influence your little girl’s taste with regard to jewelry, which is likely to follow her throughout her engagement and wedding rings search years later. If you wait long enough, the chances of your little girl developing her own jewelry preferences, based on what she observes her friends wearing, increase drastically. In the end, just as we constantly suggest with engagement rings and wedding rings, take your time and make it count!

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