A Sophisticated Proposal

Sophisticated proposals, much like unique engagement rings and cheap engagement rings, are challenging to define. Imagine a proposal at home on a casual Sunday with an exclusive Italian engagement ring. Now envision an Italian opera, the culmination of an Aria, when a man from the audience stands up from his chair, gets on one knee, retrieves a cheap engagement ring under 100 dollars and proposes to his partner, sitting in the seat next to him. Is this a sophisticated proposal? Raising this question to the next level, what role does the engagement ring play in rendering a sophisticated proposal? When it comes to proposals, engagement rings are tools. In other words, the mere fact that you are looking through engagement rings under 100 dollars does not disqualify you from achieving a sophisticated proposal. Similarly, just because you are browsing through unique engagement rings or exclusive Italian engagement rings does not automatically guarantee a sophisticated proposal either. Think of engagement rings as one component of the proposal, and in this issue of DT Era we offer some ideas of which engagement rings you can consider and what these engagement rings may contribute to your proposal.

unique engagement ring

unique engagement ring

Unique engagement rings almost always add an element of sophistication to a proposal. With custom designer settings and uncommon stone arrangements, unique engagement rings are designed to wow the future bride. Note, however, that there are two challenges with unique engagement rings. The first is perception, so it is important to learn what types of engagement rings your partner considers unique. The second challenge is misinformation, in that the engagement ring industry is inundated with mainstream engagement rings disguised as unique engagement rings. So take your time, understand which unique engagement rings are legitimately unique and make sure that your significant other will in fact consider what you buy a unique engagement ring.

engagement ring under 100 dollars

engagement ring under $100

We move on to engagement rings under 100 dollars with a vital fact to kick off the discussion – price dictates materials but has no bearing on how unique a given engagement ring is and consequently has no relevance to how sophisticated of a proposal it can be a part of. Simply stated, cz engagement rings in sterling silver can be and often are just as unique as their diamond engagement ring counterparts in white gold, and can serve as the perfect finishing touch to the proposal of your dreams. In context, a plain solitaire engagement ring is a plain solitaire engagement ring, regardless of whether it boasts a 2 carat VVS1 round diamond or a 2 ct round cz stone. In reverse, a beautifully elegant custom designer engagement ring with an undulating shank and a custom stone arrangement is a unique engagement ring, regardless of whether the stones are diamonds or cubic zirconia.

italian engagement ring

italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings are the epitome of sophistication, but don’t relax just yet as an Italian engagement ring alone will not automatically render a sophisticated proposal either. Think back to the proposal at the Italian opera, accompanied by an exclusive Italian engagement ring. Now switch gears to the proposal at home on a casual Sunday, with the same Italian engagement ring. To put it in perspective, despite their uniqueness and exclusivity, Italian engagement rings are also one component to any proposal, but certainly are not a replacement for all of the other elements that create a sophisticated proposal.

Are you forming your own understanding of a sophisticated proposal and the perfect engagement ring that accompanies the proposal? Hopefully this issue of DT Era helped shape your vision of what a sophisticated proposal looks like for you and where you stand on unique engagement rings, Italian engagement rings, engagement rings under 100 dollars and all other engagement ring categories that have the potential to contribute to a sophisticated proposal. Here’s to a productive, pressure free engagement ring search and a perfect, sophisticated proposal that will makes you smile for decades to come!

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