Let’s Talk Gemstones

Gemstones have been an integral part of the jewelry industry for many generations. And although gemstones do not enjoy quite the level of popularity that diamonds do, the fact is that the jewelry industry today offers a tremendous selection of gemstone jewelry – everything from sapphire earrings with dark blue sapphire gemstones, emerald earrings with stud or drop design, silver necklaces with gemstones and even engagement gemstone rings. From solitaire engagement rings to bypass necklaces, jewelry store displays are filled with an unprecedented selection of both traditional designs to contemporary, avant-garde and abstract designs to choose from. One of the greatest advantages to gemstones is the ability to integrate natural color into your wardrobe. For instance, if you own several red dresses and gowns, and are looking for a matching necklace, then perhaps a necklace with ruby, red agate, red garnet or Imperial topaz gemstones can be a perfect match. The exact shade of red will help you narrow down the particular gemstone, but the possibilities are certainly vast. On the other hand, if you are looking to accessorize a collection of pink dresses and outfits, a pink sapphire, pink agate or rose quartz necklace or pair of earrings or both, may fit right in. There are additional gemstone possibilities in other colors, such as blue, green yellow and more. In this issue of DT Era we discover the application of gemstones to jewelry designs we are already familiar with, to help put the fashion potential in perspective.

sapphire earrings
princess cut sapphire earrings

We start with the sapphire, in an attempt to address the possibilities of finding affordable sapphire earrings with gemstones. As you can see, one of these sapphire stud earrings features a round dark blue sapphire and the other one – a princess cut sapphire. We always recommend proceeding with caution in selecting a gemstone earrings, since committing to one color in an engagement ring that will be worn every day, could potentially be a risky move. The first earrings features an almost one carat round cut solitaire sapphire, listed at well above $1,000. The pair of earrings boasts a 2 carat dark blue AAA grade sapphire, listed at only $3999. Both of these sapphire earrings offer class and vivacity to contribute to your final look.

tanzanite earrings

Next we look at a dark purple / blue trillion tanzanite earrings. Diamond necklaces or earrings are not notorious for cheap prices, and neither are gemstone earrings. These tanzanite gemstone earrings, however, feature more than one carat trillion cut tanzanite gemstone and an additional 1/3 carats in round cut diamonds to complete the design, and are priced below $1000. The beauty about these earrings is that they could offer a stunning finish, not only to a blue dress, but also a black dress and several other colors.

emerald earrings

Look at the class on that! These green emerald stud earrings are in a class of their own. With two round cut emerald gemstones and a lovely bezel setting, these gemstone earrings epitomize 21st century aesthetic evolution. If dark green is your color then these gemstone masterpieces are your earrings. With beautiful sparkling finish, these gemstone earrings add the perfect amount of green.

The good news is that we live in a world of colorful possibilities. Regardless of what your color is, there is almost invariably a gemstone to match it. In addition to the engagement rings we mentioned, there are also plenty of affordable wedding rings that feature gemstones. Whether a gemstone is right for you – that is a matter of choice. But once you have made that choice, the world is yours for the taking.

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