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With summer of 2015 around the corner, everyone seems to have two things on the agenda – affordable jewelry and gorgeous colors. Or perhaps three things, if you include cz engagement rings. Then again, take unique wedding rings into consideration, and that makes it four. You get the point, and if you don’t, hit the back button and read the previous sixty issues of DT Era, give or take. We all know the jewelry colors trending this summer, right? Again, if you don’t, hit the back button and read the previous few months of issues on jewelry color trends of 2015. For the rest of you, consider the possibility of wearing a pair of yellow citrine earrings with your Tuscan yellow two-piece bikini, during the day, and a sky blue topaz necklace with your aqua sundress in the evening, where both the necklace and earrings cost around $100 total. If you’re thinking, “not bad”, we have ideas for you. If you’re thinking, “sounds cheap”, then read our issues on Italian jewelry and especially Italian engagement rings, and you will probably come back here anyways. In this issue of DT Era we offer the foundation for a colorful summer, where sparks will fly, connections will form and adventures will transpire. Our job is to give you color, and tbe rest is up to you!

cz engagement ring

Cubic zirconia engagement rings give us the diamond look without the diamond…well, not quite, but for $20 we’ll take it! Tuscan yellow speaks summer 2015, and this 18 karat yellow gold bonded side stone engagement ring has you covered. With cz side stones, a cathedral setting and a gorgeously large round cut center cz stone, this ring will complement your summer like no other.

silver pendant

Remember back to that Tuscan yellow bikini during the day and a blue dress in the evening? Now picture slipping this necklace on your neck – how does it look? And guess what, it’s real sterling silver. Finally, this blue cz silver necklace is priced under $20. How’s that, for style in cz?

silver earrings

If you’re wearing a red cocktail dress on a warm summer evening, these sterling silver red cz earrings will bring out the sparkle in the most fashionable way. In other words, you will look hot and sophisticated. These red cz earrings are a must for 2015!

cheap wedding ring

In case the red cz earrings did not suffice, plenty of cheap wedding rings can complete your look. On that note, add this gorgeous alternating red cz and clear cz wedding ring to bring out the red in your dress.

Red, Tuscan yellow and sky blue – these are the colors that represent summer of 2015. We are all looking forward to big smiles, new bonds, friendships, fashion epiphanies and more. Always remember to stand for the style you believe it, make it work for you and make it a great 2015!

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