Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Blue Tanzanite Necklaces

Traditionally “Something Blue” referred to love and fidelity. In modern day era, however, “Something Blue” typically refers to an extravagant piece of tanzanite jewelry that you will wear exactly three times in your life – once at your wedding, once at an anniversary and the third time because the thought of how much you spent on that tanzanite necklace changes the color of your face. Suppose you could take your father’s old blue handkerchief, assuming that he had one, but the thought of sharing this with your friends changes the color of your face as well, so you find yourself right back at the jewelry store. The question now is, what are your options? The good news is that the number of tanzanite necklaces with blue stones and accents of different shapes resembles the number of McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. – plentiful and inexhaustible. More specifically, blue tanzanite stones and accents can include rings and earrings as well as affordable rings with topaz gemstones, diamond necklaces with sapphires and blue tanzanite cubic zirconia pendants and we reiterate again – “inexhaustible”. In this issue of DT Era we provide what we will refer to as the “Something Blue” foundation, where you can get ideas to apply to your situation and overall jewelry preferences. Brace yourself, as this will be a wild ride.

tanzanite necklace

This tanzanite necklace boasts an elaborate 14 karat white gold shank with a 2 carat blue tanzanite and 1 1/3 carats in internally flawless round brilliant cut diamonds. Tanzanite pendants and necklaces steal the thunder on almost every jewelry expo, and with this necklace with tanzanite gemstone masterpiece, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt to your wedding, and still turn heads!

diamond earrings

Diamond earrings must have personality – that’s a fact. But perhaps your diamond earrings should complement your personality, or simply look good. The blue diamond earrings pictured above speak loud and clear, featuring a white gold base and a half carat in clear and blue diamonds. With these earrings your engagement ring is no longer necessary – just checking to see whether you are still paying attention!

tanzanite gemstone ring

Feel like wearing an elegant cocktail ring in addition to your engagement and wedding rings? Even cheap wedding rings get a face lift with the right combination of accessories. With this half carat tanzanite gemstone cocktail ring in sterling silver, you are making a fashion statement as loud as the wedding itself.

tanzanite gemstone earrings

How about a topaz? If you’re a fan of sky blue, these gorgeous 1 3/4 carat topaz gemstone earrings create an image your wedding guests will remember for years to come. With a white gold base and a french-back lock, your “Something Blue” will make you shine with glamour!

kyanite gemstone ring

To finish this off, let’s touch on this contemporary kyanite gemstone ring. Don’t know what kyanite is? Just think of it as a naturally occurring blue silicate. Don’t know what a silicate is? Don’t worry about it – kyanite gemstones are pretty and certainly puts a check mark on “Something Blue”.

In this issue of DT Era we listed an extreme five examples of jewelry with blue stones, to gain “compliance” on an old English tradition that, quite frankly, continues to be followed for reasons no one can actually explain. If you are looking to expand on the ideas we presented here, there are approximately twenty additional blue stones that can be set in a piece of jewelry. Here’s to “Something Blue”!

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