Knock Knock – I’m Your Anniversary!

The joy of a summer wedding a few years ago means the joy of finding an anniversary gift this summer. Bet you had this planned when you set your wedding date. For that matter, you probably had your anniversary gift planned the day after you proposed, but in case you didn’t, starting your search for anniversary gifts now will increase your chances of staying out of the dog house, so here we go. If your wife is like 95% of women, jewelry gifts increase your chances of staying out of the dog house even further. If she is part of the other 5%, feel free to read on, but we can’t help you. In fact, if you’re the lucky spouse of someone in this 5% group, your time might be better spent searching through $1,000 a day exotic travel destinations. For the rest of you, let’s talk anniversary gifts that involve big rocks and fancy shanks.

Before we start, let’s talk engagement rings, since figuring out an anniversary gift without understanding the engagement ring she wears is much like paying top dollar for a Keller Super Chief, claiming to be in drivable condition, without ever having seen it. Wait, what’s a Keller Super Chief? Exactly! Moving on, what kind of engagement ring did you have to buy to talk her into marrying you? Was it a full time job, looking through designer Italian engagement rings for six months and then customizing the one she finally liked? Or did you browse exactly five cheap cz engagement rings, bought the first one you saw and told her that you went through 10,000 non diamond engagement rings but purchased the only engagement ring you thought she would like? In other words, does her engagement ring look more like this Picasso, handcrafted in Italy…

Italian engagement ring

Or more like this byproduct of a defective rotary hammer from China?

cheap cz engagement ring

Just kidding, it doesn’t actually matter. You know why? The more your wife’s engagement ring looks like the work of a soviet era perforator, the more you have to make up for. Remember all of those zero percent APR credit card offers that have been contributing to your paper recycling pile? That pile is about to experience somewhat of a growth stunt, as you embark on a shopping spree that we will refer to as Wife Insurance: The Redemption.

Italian necklace

You have two major choices in your relationship. The first is to have your significant other gripe about the fact that you are cheap and never get them anything special. The second is to have your significant other rave for the next five years, how five years ago you got them a sensational Italian diamond necklace for your anniversary, that almost brought them to tears. The former is typically free and the latter costs a pretty penny, and is effectively accomplished with $10,000 Italian necklaces. The Italian necklace pictured above features a 16 inch chain in white gold and a handcrafted leaf in two tone gold, with 2.5 carats of Italian round brilliant cut diamonds.

Italian wedding ring

Ah the glory of Italian wedding rings. If you are looking for a single gesture to ensure your ability to stay out of the dog house for the next year, keep dreaming, although an anniversary gift like the Italian wedding pictured above is perhaps the closest you can get. The 18k gold shank is handcrafted, featuring white and rose (pink) gold. And of course there is a generous dose of Italian round brilliant diamonds.

Italian earrings

Of course you shouldn’t let the generous gift of a $10,000 Italian diamond necklace preclude you from topping off the gift with a $12,000 pair of matching Italian diamond earrings! Making up for lost time, right? These earrings boast an exclusive, handcrafted design in white gold, with more than 3.5 carats of Italian round brilliant cut diamonds. If these Italian earrings can’t get you out of the dog house, the next step is couples therapy!

If you’re shooting for the perfect wedding anniversary gift, it’s you and everyone else. Just like your relationship did not form on its own, at a moment’s notice, exclusive Italian jewelry takes time to produce and ship. Prepare for up to two weeks of production and one week to ship from Italy. So if you started your search late, you may end up spending some time in the dog house, while your past due anniversary jewelry gift is on its way.

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