Jewelry Trends in a New Dimension

A New Dimension of Brilliance

Jewelry trends in a new dimension is essentially a design revolution. Hundreds of thousands of so called unique engagement rings enter the market every year, and very few make it to the top echelon of designer jewelry. Among them, as always, are revolutionary Italian engagement rings, which continue to dictate jewelry trends to most of the rest of the world. Take a cross section of jewelry trends 2015 and you will notice an intricate trend – subtlety and a high degree of modernization. Symmetrically rounded corners may have raised the bar for jewelry trends 2014, but jewelry trends 2015 have a different agenda. More specifically, contemporary jewelry designs are coming back, disguised with less round and more sharp, more brilliance and less symmetry. The good news is that because jewelry is an art, there are no absolutes. This means that round cut engagement rings are still in style and expensive engagement rings continue to render a tingle where it counts. As it relates to the overwhelming sparkle, also known as bling, which we have so quickly learned to love to hate, jewelry trends 2015 may have bad news for some of our readers – subtlety means less bling. While jewelry trends 2014 taught us to develop an appreciation for the brilliance that comes with tasteful and well crafted designs, one year later jewelry trends 2015 are pushing for just enough brilliance to be noticed, but not quite enough to overwhelm.

infinity engagement ring

A testament to the sophistication of jewelry trends 2015, this infinity engagement ring brings two intensely contradictory design elements to the traditional engagement ring concept – lack of symmetry and the subtle rather than overwhelming brilliance of the resonance between the white gold shank and the Italian hand cut round brilliant solitaire diamond. The east-west rotation of the solitaire diamond serves as a slight reversal to tradition, but this Italian solitaire engagement ring is all jewelry trends 2015 and very little jewelry trends 2014.

When you put it in perspective, jewelry trends 2015 are comprised of two major parts – refinement and sophistication. Refinement pertains to the evolution of the level of brilliance and the sophistication is a byproduct that renders brilliance more beautiful and less overbearing. Jewelry trends 2015 is slated to push boundaries and illicit change like no other year so far in the twenty first century.

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