Engagement Ring Modernization That Raises the Bar

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Modern Engagement Rings That Raise the Bar

Take a white gold engagement ring, add rose gold to the mix and you have an adventure that sets the bar atop Mt Everest. Take a plain white gold shank, split it, add a few curves and the resulting engagement ring will blow you away. Vintage engagement rings are coming back, and modern engagement rings continue to evolve with an ever increasing complexity in expectations. Rose gold engagement rings have surpassed white gold engagement rings in popularity, and yellow gold engagement rings are so 20th century!

halo engagement ring

We all want to set ourselves apart, but in the context of engagement rings, that means money, and lots of it. Modern engagement rings are a wave that dictates the present no less than it shapes our future. The question is, what engagement rings are people paying top dollar for? Remember, people want to stand out, which means unique engagement rings are commending a premium. Whatever unique means to you may or may not coincide with that of your best friend or your distant neighbor. If you ever wondered how hundreds of thousands of engagement ring stores manage to stay in business every year, the millions of different tastes and preferences pertaining to engagement rings and jewelry in general may have the answers.

round halo engagement ring

Perhaps we should clarify the concept of unique engagement rings. While a standard solitaire engagement ring with a curve may qualify as unique to some. today’s engagement ring trends call for an infinitely higher degree of sophistication. Modern day era calls for modern innovation, where an engagement ring design resembles the future, while strongly maintaining its level of relevance in the present. The engagement ring displayed above is just a classic double halo design, after all, but its innovative duet side stone shank earns it the title of unique and even contemporary. For that matter, the duet halo perspective is not new to engagement rings, but the modern perspective created in this design sets its apart from the rest of the crowd. The Tiffany style round halo with a narrowing shank at the head achieves a level of aesthetic mastery that transforms the avant-garde engagement ring fantasy into a tangible reality.

Setting yourself apart is an art and a science in one. Without art, engagement rings are a commodity. The fact is, however, that few people would agree to spend the current national average price of engagement ring of $5,000 on a commodity, so what else is there? Engagement rings are no less an expression of self than the clothes we wear and the thoughts we wake up with. So when it comes to engagement rings, what sets you apart?

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