Rose Gold

What is rose gold anyways and what exactly is the source of all of the hype? Do you remember sleeping through lessons on the Periodic Table of the Elements? Let’s test just how deep your seep was, preferably without putting you to sleep again. With 18K rose gold affordable engagement rings, you are paying a hefty premium for a step above sterling silver and 100 steps above brass, copper and all of the other cheap metals that make your skin turn inappropriate colors. This means that you’re circumventing all of these cheap metals, and replacing them with colored gold alloys, right? Did your parents ever tell you that you’re naive? With an 18K rose gold engagement ring shank you are paying for the 75% gold, but you’re also paying for more than 20% copper and and typically 3-4 grams of silver. Think of rose gold as a blonde in hot pink with more science than the blonde generally cares to indulge in.

If you’re still reading this, then you are either not a blonde or have a robust sense of humor. In this issue of DT Era we review the possibilities with rose gold engagement rings to keep us writing and you on top of your jewelry game. If you thought rose gold engagement rings have potential, wait until you see some Italian necklaces in rose gold. Even cz engagement rings are offered with rose gold plated shanks, but don’t get too excited just yet, as we are only getting started.

Italian engagement ring

In case you had any doubts, of course we start with a bang, featuring this 18 karat rose gold Italian engagement ring that makes women salivate and men start saving for the big purchase. This solitaire diamond engagement ring has made plenty of people re-evaluate their previous jewelry purchases, but don’t be too quick to pull out that credit card, as we are only getting started.

Italian earrings

We continue with a bang, as these 18k rose gold Italian earrings transform the mundane into the exquisite, converting what could have been a banal pair of studs into an image-enhancing and extravagantly scintillating studs of immense sophistication. At this point you may want to have your purchasing “board of directors” make themselves available to make some decisions.

rose gold necklace

Rose gold necklaces redefine class. Let’s not bore you with the fact that this 18k rose gold necklace boasts a one carat pear shaped pink tourmaline gemstone with a butterfly drop and 1/5 carat in round cut diamonds. Is your board of directors discussing the budget already? At least wait for one more!

rose gold engagement ring

In case that Italian rose gold engagement ring did not do it for you, perhaps this 2.00 carat emerald gemstone may make your teeth clench. With an 18k rose gold shank and over half carat in round cut diamonds, are you still reading this? Perhaps that credit card should finally come out of hiding. Just kidding! We can’t sell any of these to you anyways, but search away and come away with a bang, a rose gold bang!

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