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Forget traditions for a minute and ask yourself, “what is a 21st century engagement ring and how do I get one?” Note that modern engagement rings are not necessarily unique engagement rings or even contemporary engagement rings. There are, however, modern versions of engagement rings under 200 dollars, engagement rings under 500 dollars, Italian wedding rings and definitely Italian necklaces. The higher your budget, the greater the possibility of finding a modern engagement ring, right? Remember, modern refers to style and design characteristics, while budget is all about metals and stones. Haven’t you ever seen a modern ring or necklace for under $100, featuring sterling silver and cz stones? If you answered no, it’s time to do some shopping! Jewelry trends 2015 is partially about abstract drawings and sharp corners. In this issue of DT Era we introduce modern design characteristics in engagement rings, wedding rings and necklaces to put the concept in applicable perspective.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings have mastered the art of modern design like no other country. With abstract curves of the shank, surprise interweaves and unexpected sharp corners, Italy continues to bring us some of the most extravagantly modern engagement rings to date. The Italian solitaire diamond engagement ring above boasts a curved shank in 18k white gold, interrupted with a symmetrical curve to accommodate the Italian round cut solitaire diamond. Italians are notorious for transforming traditional engagement ring designs into modern extravaganzas, and this engagement ring is a true testament to that effect.

unique wedding ring under 100

Who would have thought that cheap engagement rings under 100 or cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars have the potential to render such modern designs? Indeed, the moddern wedding ring shown above boasts a cz stone arrangement that starts out parallel and ultimately turns perpendicular to the shank. This wedding rings offers no gold or diamonds, but its modern character is incontestable.

Italian necklace

Italian wedding rings, Italian necklaces and Italian engagement rings all stand for the same modern design sophistication. With a 16 inch chain in 18 karat white gold, this necklace presents extraordinary lightning curves, with a total of 17 grams of Italian white gold and 2/3 of a carat in Italian round cut diamonds. This Italian necklace epitomizes 21st century modernization.

Modern jewelry is a function of cutting edge creativity and innovation. Designing a modern wedding ring that has little to no bearing on traditional mainstream designs requires a source of inspiration few can consistently call on. Cutting edge modern engagement rings are few and far between mainstream and mildly unique designs engagement ring stores typically offer. In the end, modernization is driven by risk takers and inventors, and finding these designs often takes an equivalent amount of trial, error and persistence.

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