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Italian engagement rings are designed and produced in an aesthetically conditioned state that few jewelers in the world successfully achieve. The distinction between Italian engagement rings and all other designs can be summed up in a single noun – innovation. Think of Italian engagement rings as inventions that may have started out plain but were transmuted into the robust and sophisticated personalities that are native to Italian engagement rings. Consider this, Italian solitaire engagement rings feature a single diamond, as expected. Italian three-stone trilogy engagement rings present three diamonds, also as expected. Italian halo engagement rings boast a full circle of diamonds with an additional center diamond, thereby resembling a halo, again as expected. So what about Italian engagement rings sets them apart from their counterparts? The Italian engagement rings difference is in the presentation, which means in the details. And while it may seem unthinkable that Italian solitaire engagement rings could somehow differ from all of the others, you may be pleasantly surprised. For that matter, think of how many ways three diamonds can be arranged in, with Italian trilogy engagement rings. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to the intricacies of Italian engagement rings – what makes them unique and why Italian engagement rings earn the respect of some of the most sophisticated engagement ring pallets in the world.

Italian engagement ring

Remember back to the question about Italian solitaire engagement rings, and how they could possibly be made unique? Most will agree that few engagement rings can compare with the Italian solitaire engagement ring pictured above. With an 18k gold shank, featuring white gold and rose gold, this Italian engagement ring breathes life and complexity into an otherwise unimpressive engagement ring concept. The round cut Italian diamond is secured by a two-prong setting, brilliantly completing the design.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings do not achieve distinction only by method of two tone shanks. A little innovative insight goes a long way, and the Italian engagement ring shown above is a true testament to that effect. Essentially this design features an 18k white gold shank with a bezel, but the bezel is an extension of the shank, holding the gorgeous Italian round brilliant cut diamond.

Italian engagement ring

Think back to our introduction on how many ways there are to arrange three diamonds in an Italian trilogy engagement ring. A picture is worth a thousand words, but no words can accurately describe the mastery and supremacy of the Italian engagement ring pictured above. As with the previous two Italian engagement rings, the shank is produced in 18 karat white gold with three sensational Italian round cut diamonds. But notice the diamond arrangement and how the prong setting is molded into the shank, actually extending from the base of the shank. This Italian engagement ring redefines all aesthetic possibilities the industry has to offer.

Italian engagement rings are the power that allows the engagement ring artistry to thrive, in combination with the manual expertise, science and technology that make producing these daring Italian engagement rings possible. When given a choice between the mundane and mediocre, and cutting edge design innovation, most people choose the latter – most people choose Italian engagement rings. Always remember that your engagement ring is with you for life, and if you come face to face with genius every day, that is also the state of mind that will likely prevail in your life.

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