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Gold engagement rings seemingly dominate the engagement ring market. Gold engagement rings are leading the way on engagement ring store displays and rose gold engagement rings follow immediately thereafter, with yellow gold engagement rings lagging behind. Different parts of the world are experiencing slightly differing trends with respect to gold color. Italian engagement rings, for example, have almost eliminated yellow gold engagement rings from the mix, as white gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings have gained tremendous popularity, especially in recent years. Despite the growing awareness of other metals, such as platinum, titanium and others, gold engagement rings as a whole continue to lead the way in engagement ring sales and overall trends. One of the advantages to gold engagement rings is the combination of longevity and class, which cannot always be said about all cheap engagement rings. One of the disadvantages to gold engagement rings is the required maintenance, and the more gold, the softer the engagement ring shank, the more frequent the maintenance. However, let’s face it, engagement rings are all about beauty, not only the beauty in the engagement rings but the aesthetic benefits they bring to the table. In this issue of DT Era we discuss gold engagement rings from the standpoint of value, aesthetic value, and what engagement rings bring to the table when it comes to your final look.

Two tone engagement rings have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. One of the underlying reasons is the desire for universality. If you look at a yellow gold engagement ring, the minute you put one on your finger you may realize that this engagement ring makes a great artistic contribution to some outfits and a poor one to others. White gold engagement rings, on the other hand, are perhaps the fiercest competitor with regard to universality. How many dresses or outfits can you think of, with which a white gold engagement ring would not be a great fit?

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Two tone gold engagement rings usually include a combination of white gold and another gold color, with rose gold and yellow gold being the most common. The beauty in two tone gold engagement rings is the ability to incorporate two gold colors when you cannot or do not wish to choose one. The argument of additional compatibility with two tone gold engagement rings has not received much support, but the artistic aspect of two tone gold engagement rings is apparent indeed. The Italian two tone gold engagement ring above features a gorgeous 18k white gold and rose gold shank, with a sensational Italian round brilliant cut diamond, secured by a three-prong setting. And look at the rock on that!

engagement ring

Another yellow gold masterpiece, this flower engagement ring features a unique infinity shank in yellow gold. The round cut side stones and accents give rise to a gorgeous round flower halo, beautifully completing the design.

gold engagement ring

Rose gold engagement rings are perhaps the fastest growing engagement ring category to date. The rose gold engagement ring pictured above presents a curved shank in 18 karat rose gold with a sensational round cut solitaire diamond. Few can argue about the insatiable artistry this engagement ring brings to the table.

gold engagement ring

Making an argument for universality, the 18k white gold Italian engagement ring displayed above features a unique, three way split 18k white gold shank. The accent diamonds are positioned on the center strand and the inner strand features the Italian round cut solitaire diamond. Notice that the design is unique and eccentric, but the presence of white gold still contributes immense consistency and synchrony with most popular fashion trends today.

In the end, gold engagement rings are all about two things – looks and perception. Perception is reality, which is why people invest thousands of dollars into the most unique and exclusive gold engagement rings they can find. The trick to gold engagement rings is setting realistic goals, and making sure that the gold engagement ring you end up with will consistently fulfill these goals in your everyday fashion endeavors.

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