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Italian engagement rings lead the engagement ring industry by innovation, much like Italian fashion leads the fashion industry. Understanding innovation with regard to Italian engagement rings, however, may prove more challenging than Italian fashion, as Italian engagement rings (or engagement rings in general) have fewer variables and consequently more limitations. Take a few plain solitaire engagement ring prototypes, bring them to an Italian master jeweler and the resulting Italian engagement rings will be unrecognizable. Bring a few traditional three stone trilogy engagement ring prototypes to an Italian master jeweler, and the resulting Italian engagement rings will likely have no resemblance of the original designs. So what changes do Italian master jewelers make to engagement rings to set them apart? As always, the difference in Italian engagement rings is in the details. Starting with the shank, Italian engagement rings will almost invariably modify the shank to render it unrecognizable. More specifically, Italian engagement rings features curved, interwoven, split, infinity and a myriad of other shanks and modifications, that set Italian engagement rings apart from their counterparts. Next come the diamond arrangements. Italian engagement rings offer som of the most fashionable diamond arrangements in the world, including pave set in invisible settings, sheet settings and the widely utilized prong settings. This issue is dedicated to the details that help differentiate Italian engagement rings from those produced in any other country in the world.

Italian engagement ring

As mentioned earlier, Italian engagement rings are all about the details, which usually starts with the shank. The Italian engagement ring above features a gorgeous two tone 18k gold shank. More specifically, the shank is interwoven, blending the white gold and rose gold engagement rings without clearly delineating the boundaries between the two tones. The shank gives rise to an incredible Italian round cut diamond, set in a two prong setting. This engagement ring started out plain but was transformed into a mind boggling Italian engagement ring extravaganza.

Italian engagement ring

Solitaire engagement rings present a challenging environment for innovation, but not Italian engagement rings. The Italian engagement ring pictured above is distinguished by the uniquely curved 18 karat white gold shank, which curves to form the bezel setting, which in turn holds the Italian round cut solitaire diamond.

Italian engagement ring

Picture a traditional side stone engagement ring, and once you have a clear mental image, look at the Italian side stone engagement ring above. Believe it or not, this engagement ring started out as a traditional side stone design, but the 18k white gold shank was split three ways, with the Italian round cut side stone diamonds focused on the center strand and the former center stone now situated on one of tbe outermost strands. These are the very details that give Italian engagement rings the extra boost of artistic confidence.

If you are a proponent of perfection, you create the demand that drives the innovation and perfection of Italian engagement rings. Everyone wants to stand out and everyone strives to be different. Italian engagement rings are a medium that helps perfectionists achieve this objective. Whether you aspire to modernize tradition or traditionalize modernization, Italian engagement rings have you covered in both directions.

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