Make it or Break it

Do you remember the time when you went through engagement ring stores, browsed hundreds if not thousands of cheap engagement rings, only to end up buying one of the most unique engagement rings you could find? After you proposed, you then looked through some affordable wedding rings, only to end up buying the most expensive and unique engagement rings you could find. And now that you’re married, do you find it more challenging to keep your jewelry gifts original on her birthday and your anniversary? If you answered yes, then we have some ideas for you. The reality is that we regularly exposed to information about cheap wedding rings and unique engagement rings, due to the great emphasis placed on the value of the proposal. But once married, very little, if any, unbiased information is available out there for those who wish to keep the romance alive with original gifts and surprises, while staying within a given budget. Most people know that if they look through engagement rings under 100 dollars, they will find sterling silver shanks and cz stones. Similarly, most people know that if they look through Italian engagement rings, they will be browsing through royalty of engagement rings. But do you know what a jewelry gift under $200 can look like? Do you have any perspective as to what an Italian jewelry gift may look like? In this issue of DT Era we build a foundation for helping you stay on top of your game, and help to maintain the foundation that helped jump-start your relationship in the first place.

silver earrings
Italian earrings

We start with the royalty of jewelry gifts – Italian jewelry. Let’s envision that your wife happens to be a fan of classic streamlined jewelry designs with rounded corners and subtle design elements. The first pair of earrings pictured above represent the type of earrings you see on a regular basis, almost in every jewelry store you visit. Your wife also visits jewelry stores every now and then, so she is likely seeing similar drop earrings, so how do you turn this idea into something original? The second pair of earrings above is from an Italian earrings collection. These earrings feature a journey wire, 18 karat white gold, 1/8 carats in Italian round brilliant diamonds and a beautifully incomplete double infinity design. If your wife knows style when she sees it, with these earrings you will have her undivided attention!

diamond necklace

There is a common misconception in the jewelry industry, that any worthwhile jewelry gift is bound to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. While thousands of dollars can certainly buy an exclusive jewelry gift, there are also plenty of diamond necklaces and diamond earrings, priced well under $200. The diamond necklace pictured above features a white gold chain with 0.03 carats in total diamond weight and a quarter carat blue round sapphire gemstone, secured by a six prong setting. This necklace is both original and exhilarating, and it is listed under $200. So if you are looking to surprise her when it counts, this or a similar beautiful necklace may just be the perfect way to do it.

mens diamond ring

If you’re looking to surprise your man with originality, a diamond ring certainly has the potential to get you there. The mens diamond ring pictured above is original, stylish and truly offers a classy look for the fashion forward man. With a white gold shank and a fifth of a carat in total diamond weight, including black and clear diamonds, this diamond ring surprise can take your relationship to new heights.

We have all heard the saying, “it’s the thought that counts”. While the statement is true, let’s face it – that thought better be original and consistent with the recipients taste. A gift of class on a birthday or anniversary speaks volumes, not only about the effort you put forth into finding the right gift, but also your effort in keeping things fresh and your significant other on their toes!

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