Jewelry Trends 2015 – You cheap !@&(#/$

“You cheap !@&(#/$” is a comment that some men occasionally earn and most men dread. The question is, what does it take to reverse this perception and achieve a favorable, blissful reaction? Higher price tag? Perhaps that could be part of the answer. Jewelry gifts with taste? Getting warmer. A classy jewelry gift that fits her style and adheres to her design standards? Now we hit the jackpot! If she is the type of woman who accepted an engagement ring from the Italian engagement rings section, rather than cheap engagement rings, for instance, you may be in for a nice upcoming expense. But most importantly, you may be in for some significant research, both in the context of sophisticated jewelry gift ideas but mostly in working to understand what piece of jewelry will ultimately hit the jackpot. It always amazes us when couples first learn of the jewelry designs that move their significant others, after ten years together. And if you have previously been the recipient of the “you cheap !@&(#/$” comment, then you have even more homework to do. This issue of DT Era is all about building the foundation for buying the jewelry gift that will make her melt.

Italian rings

Italian rings are at the forefront of jewelry innovation and consequently remain one of the most discussed jewelry categories in DT Era. The Italian ring pictured above features an 18 karat white gold shank with a flower consisting of 2/3 of a carat in Italian round cut diamonds and nine carats in Italian gemstones. The complexity of this Italian flower ring is not only incomprehensible, it introduces a level of design brilliance native only to Italian rings.

Italian necklaces

Italian necklaces rarely elicit the “You cheap !@&(#/$” reaction. In fact, if you have ever seen a cheap Italian necklace, they were likely on display alongside cheap Rolex watches. The Italian necklace above presents a 16 in, 18k rose gold chain with three tear drops and a tenth of a carat in Italian round cut diamonds. Put this Italian necklace on her neck and “You cheap !@&(#/$” disappears instantly, or at least until the next gift.

Italian wedding rings

It is not uncommon to gift an upgraded wedding ring on special occasions. However, remember “you cheap !@&(#/$”? In this scenario, if you are trying to find a gift in the cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars section, you may end up chasing your tail. You may want to consider Italian wedding rings instead. The Italian wedding ring shown above features an overlapped shank in 18k white gold, with three rows of Italian round cut diamonds and the additional row of diamonds on the overlap. A true beauty, this Italian wedding ring elicits a wow reaction from virtually everyone in its observable vicinity.

Let’s face it, when we put forth the effort and buy the right jewelry gift at the right price, we are not likely to hear, “You cheap !@&(#/$” in return. On the other hand, not doing the proper research or evaluating the gift against the situation at hand does create unfavorable circumstances. Keep in mind that some people out there will react negatively to an overly expensive gift as well, so know your audience and understand the optimal price and design range, to set the stage for a great gift and a great occasion.

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