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When it comes to filling your jewelry box with accessories that properly accommodate your wardrobe, universality certainly has its place. In previous issues of DT Era we examined rings, necklaces and earrings that can equally resonate with a yellow sundress and a green mini dress alike. At the same time, universality in fashion often lacks precision. In other words, a certain diamond necklace has the ability to scintillate with yellow and green, but what if there is a much better fit? While some would not be bothered by this seemingly trivial shortfall, there are others for whom fashion is synonymous with accuracy and sophistication. To put this concept in perspective, for certain categories of fashionistas, an appropriate jewelry collection for a red evening gown would be nothing less than a ruby gemstone ring and/or a red agate necklace and/or red cz earrings, all subject to the appropriate shade of red. Does this mean that the true fashionista purchases at least one or two new pieces of jewelry with every new outfit? What if the outfit is a lighter red than the typically brighter ruby gemstone on a necklace? As with all of the other topics we cover, jewelry lies on a spectrum, and the degree of precision the fashionista demands is determined by each person individually. In this issue of DT Era we review additional jewelry options to maximize precision with respect to the compatibility of your jewelry chest to your wardrobe, presenting a few ideas of cz engagement rings, diamond necklaces and silver earrings.

non diamond engagement ring

While cheap engagement rings, unique engagement rings and other popular engagement ring categories certainly present their share of resonance with regard to the various fashion combinations we have mentioned, to quantify our observations, in many cases these engagement rings present a 70-80% match with regard to the bigger picture of a typical wardrobe. In other words, a clear diamond engagement ring may work with that red evening gown, but the red cz engagement ring pictured above would be the perfect 100% match. And on that note, the cz engagement ring above features a huge 1.8 carat red oval cz, set in a two-prong setting in silver tone, with twelve round side stones and with a price tag of under $20. Precision in fashion certainly comes with a cost, but there are fashionably legitimate ways to minimize that cost.

silver necklace
ruby necklace

For the purposes of this illustration we will continue to use the red evening gown, and we continue with one obvious caveat – a red outfit will resonate well with more than just red. In this example we present a gorgeous black onyx necklace in sterling silver, featuring a 16.5 inch silver chain with an additional 1.5 inch extension. The necklace also boasts a 28.5mm banded black onyx drop for a sensational finish. The second necklace is a true gemstone masterpiece, featuring a 4 1/3 carat red ruby gemstone and 2/3 carats of total diamond weight. Can you picture both of these necklaces with a red evening gown? Which do you think would look better?

cz earrings
silver earrings

Applying the same principles in the context of earrings, a red evening gown calls for something special. The first pair of earrings above features a 14K gold bonded crystal alloy with clear and garnet red CZ stones, listed at under $20. The second pair features a modern, breathtaking design with triangular black onyx gemstones, a sterling silver earring base with fish hooks.

For some people, fashion is simply an expression of self. For others, fashion is precision. If you belong to the latter category, then seeking out precise matches could be a tremendously enjoying experience. Always remember that, as with almost everything else in life, there are multiple ways of achieving the desired level of resonance – red cz engagement rings, red ruby earrings, red jasper diamond necklaces and the list goes on. Let’s all have some fun with jewelry and keep it fashionable!

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