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The engagement ring industry is evolving much like all other industries. More and more buyers are searching for less mainstream and more unique engagement rings, less familiarity and more ambiguity. White gold engagement rings are replacing yellow gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings are replacing white gold engagement rings. As this cycle continues and consumers are refining their engagement ring pallets, one factor remains – yellow is the natural gold color. Old habits die hard, and this applies to traditions as well. Our ancestors did not used to have a choice, as yellow gold engagement rings were the only available gold color. Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of buyers continues to purchase yellow gold engagement rings, whether by mere preference or to preserve the historic tradition. And as expected, those who do gravitate to yellow gold engagement rings often expect an additional layer of sophistication. In other words, this group of buyers looks for that traditional design with a twist that renders the engagement ring a properly fashionable fit for the twenty first century. The next logical question is, what are some truly exclusive engagement ring designs out there, in yellow gold? Believe it or not, Italian engagement rings tend to feature white gold and rose gold much more often than yellow gold, so they are not the answer. In general, however, engagement ring manufacturers do offer a certain percentage of designer engagement rings in yellow gold. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to yellow gold engagement rings, but more specifically focuses on designer engagement rings with an edge, and consequently the right fit for the modern consumer.

yellow gold engagement ring

Engagement rings under 500 dollars typically offer a good variety of yellow gold engagement ring designs. In fact, the $500 price point offers a great line-up of various traditional and non-traditional engagement rings, including solitaire diamond engagement rings, three stone trilogy designs, halo and more. The engagement ring shown above features a unique soft square halo, with four princess cut diamonds in the center and round cut diamonds along the periphery, with an additional row of round side stones and a yellow gold shank. This yellow gold engagement ring is a great example of tradition with a modern twist to accommodate today’s design expectations.

cheap engagement ring

Cheap engagement rings as a whole offer an overwhelming abundance of yellow gold engagement rings, with both, traditional and non-traditional design elements. The engagement ring above presents a yellow gold shank with a gorgeous, seven round diamond halo. The halo is highlighted by a unique two channel set rows of round cut diamonds. This engagement ring design is a true testament to modernization, and the price tag of under $500 further contributes to its perfect fit for 21st century design expectations.

engagement ring under 200

Engagement rings under 200 dollars present a number of impressive yellow gold plated engagement ring designs, typically set with cz stones or lower end diamonds. The engagement ring shown above features a 14k yellow gold plated shank, with baguette cz side stones and a gorgeous round cut center cubic zirconia, to complete the design. Despite the cheap price tag, this engagement is a great representative of the modern engagement ring.

Yellow gold engagement rings are still in style, and will likely remain relevant for many years to come. There is no doubt that white gold engagement rings introduced another layer of uniqueness, and that rose gold engagement rings took glamor to a whole new level, but yellow gold engagement rings are still in demand. If you’re the type of person who embraces tradition but also stays current on fashion trends, there is always a beautiful yellow gold engagement ring out there for you to consider.

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