Simple Engagement Rings

Once you have exhausted the concept of unique engagement rings, looking at simple engagement rings is the best next step. Have you ever had an incident where you wanted something special and extraordinary, just to later find out that what you in fact wanted was actually simple and right under your nose? Engagement rings sometimes follow a similar pattern. When you start out your search you are out to find the most exclusive engagement ring in existence, but as the search intensifies and you have tried on a number of engagement rings, sometimes none of them seem to appeal. It is a fact that we are preconditioned to be attracted to certain aesthetic characteristics, be it in engagement rings, nature and everything else. On that note, people often see pictures of the most unique and exclusive engagement rings online, and think that one of them is sure to end up a great fit. In these situations, trying the rings on often leads to disappointment, due to the fact that the rings either do not sit well or end up being “too out there”. Unique engagement rings have been the subject of several previous issues of DT Era, where we cautioned our readers as to their intricacies, warning that unique engagement rings are not for everyone. But if a unique engagement ring is not for you, then what is? To cover this topic we are dedicating this issue of DT Era to simple engagement rings, or engagement rings intentionally designed without additional layers of complexity or sophistication.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings may have a reputation for design complexity, but make no mistake about it, Italians have mastered the art of making some unique engagement rings look simple. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of Italian engagement ring designs on the market, with straightforward design characteristics, with just an Italian touch. For those familiar with Italian jewelry, you know exactly what an Italian touch means. The Italian engagement ring above offers a simple shank in 18 karat white gold, with three prongs that extend from the base of the shank, to secure the gorgeous round cut diamond. This simple engagement ring makes many sophisticated buyers happy.

engagement ring under 500

Engagement rings under 500 dollars offer even more gorgeous designs with simple aesthetic character. Think of some of the traditional engagement rings you are familiar with, such as solitaire, three stone trilogy, side stone and accent stone engagement rings. Most of these and other engagement ring options are available under $500. The engagement ring shown above features a simple, uninterrupted white gold shank with 12 round cut side stones (diamonds), and a gorgeous round cut center diamond to complete the design. Simple, elegant and affordable – that’s the power of simple engagement rings.

engagement ring under 100

Engagement rings under 100 dollars surprise us with beautiful simple designs, just as much as they surprise us with sophisticated rings at unbelievably low prices. The engagement ring above features a simple shank in sterling silver, five baguette cz side stones per side and a gorgeous two carat round cut cz center stone. This simple engagement ring completes your look with as much universality as a white gold engagement ring.

Unique engagement rings continue to impress us with cutting edge designs and aesthetic innovations, but simple engagement rings continue to rule the world, with straightforward design characteristics that bring us familiarity and comfort. Our history and traditions make up who we are today, and simple engagement rings are an integral part of both history and traditions. By all means, venture out and explore the unconventional engagement rings out there, but know that there are plenty of simple engagement rings you can always fall back on.

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