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Rose gold engagement rigs have skyrocketed in popularity beyond anyone’s imagination. Today’s industry trends indicate that the number of people looking for a rose gold engagement ring is almost four times that of white gold engagement rings, and more than four times that of yellow gold engagement rings. There are different opinions as to the source of this trend, but ultimately it is an indication of the market’s big picture shift from mainstream engagement rings to unique engagement rings. Ultimately, more and more of the younger generation is starting to see yellow gold engagement rings as out of style, and as the availability of white gold engagement rings continues to increase, they are becoming mainstream, leaving rose gold engagement rings to fill the demand for unique designs. So what designs are we able to achieve with rose gold engagement rings? The answer is, all of the designs we know and love from white gold engagement rings and then some. Besides the traditional solitaire, three stone trilogy and halo engagement rings, rose gold shanks offer a unique opportunity to experiment with additional patterns and diamond arrangements. And what about price? Do rose gold engagement rings tend to cost more than their white gold counterparts? The good news is that in modern day era, replacing white gold with rose gold does not typically raise the final price. This issue of DT Era focuses on rose gold engagement rings and the gorgeous designs that set rose gold designs apart from the rest.

Rose gold engagement ring
Rose gold engagement ring

Italian engagement rings are offered in rose gold on a consistent basis. In fact, a close observation will reveal that Italians now offer more rose gold engagement rings than yellow gold designs. Another interesting factor is the growth in popularity of Italian two tone engagement rings, which most commonly involves a combination of white gold and rose gold. The engagement rings above feature a curved 14k gold shank with a gorgeous round cut diamond and a princess cut diamond. Notice how rose gold certainly adds a layer of glamour and elegance.

engagement ring under 500

Engagement rings under 500 dollars offer a great selection of rose gold engagement rings as well. At this price point you certainly would not expect 18k rose gold and VS1 diamonds, but 10k rose gold and SI2-I3 diamonds are certainly a possibility. The engagement ring above features a gorgeous interwoven rose & white gold shank with a beautiful one fifth carat round cut diamond. Again we included the white gold version for comparison.

cheap engagement ring under 200
cheap engagement ring under 200

Cheap engagement rings under 200 dollars also present us with some beautiful rose gold plated engagement rings, some with diamonds and others with cz stones. Both engagement rings pictured above are priced below $200, with rose gold plated shanks and gorgeous solitaire round cut cz stones.

Rose gold engagement rings represent our present just as much as they shape our future engagement ring trends. Few can question the irreplaceable glamour and elegance rendered to engagement rings by rose gold. Even for those who do not wear rose gold engagement rings, the vast majority of the engagement rings market has developed a profound appreciation for the patrons they commend. Research them, browse them and try a few on – rose gold engagement rings are the wave of the future.

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