Engagement Rings Under $500 – Halo, Solitaire Diamond, Three Stone and Side Stone

Engagement rings under 500 dollars remain a high priority at DT Era, as we continue to build on the foundation of 21st century engagement ring designs. While Italian engagement rings have been a hot topic of discussion also, these designs tend to be more labor intensive and costly, as a result. In an effort to present a lineup of designs more people can refer to as cheap engagement rings, we decided to delve further into the nooks of this more affordable engagement ring category, and offer some insight as to the intricacies involved in a $500 budget. Before you become concerned, not to worry, although we will not address cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars in this issue, we will briefly address cheap wedding rings under $500, to help round out this topic of affordability and the $500 price point.

engagement ring under 500

We start with a traditionally gorgeous solitaire design. The engagement rings under 500 dollars category is a balancing act. The $500 price point does not allow for upscale metals, such as 18k gold or platinum. Similarly, $500 is not typically enough to cover high grade diamonds, such as ideal cut or VS1-VS2 clarity and above. The good news, however, is that as long as all diamonds in the design are no more than one fifth of a carat, the unaided eye will not typically notice any inclusions. The solitaire engagement ring shown above features a white gold shank with an extra fine polish, and a gorgeous 0.2 carat princess cut solitaire diamond, priced under $500.

engagement ring under 500

Unique engagement rings under $500 are just as prevalent as they are in other categories. The difference is that unlike Italian engagement rings, for example, engagement rings under $500 obviously feature lower grade metals and diamonds. The three stone trilogy engagement ring above boasts a beautifully split shank in white gold, with three tension set round cut diamonds, for one fifth of a carat in total diamond weight.

engagement ring under 500

Halo engagement rings present additional challenges with regard to cost control, as the sheer quantity of diamonds that make up a halo can quickly overwhelm all budget considerations. The halo engagement ring shown above presents a gorgeous infinity shank in white gold, two round diamond side accent stones and a fifteen diamond halo, including fourteen round cut diamonds and a larger princess cut center diamond to complete the design.

diamond wedding ring

Diamond wedding rings under $500 offer sizable design potential, in terms of complexity and sophistication. The diamond wedding ring pictured above offers a gorgeous shank in white gold, and a unique diagonal channel of round cut diamonds, set in prong settings, for a total diamond weight of 1/6 of a carat. With a price tag of well under $500, this diamond wedding ring epitomizes the unique potential native to the $500 price point.

Engagement rings under $500 offer both traditional, unique and even modern contemporary designs. The $500 price point allows for a great deal of flexibility in the context of both design and materials. No, $500 will not buy an 18k gold engagement ring with even a 1/5 carat VS1 diamond. It will, however, render a more firm 10k gold shank and typically an I2-I3 diamond. Keep in mind that if you lead an overwhelmingly active lifestyle, especially one that involves working out, swimming and anything else where your engagement ring rubs against hard surfaces, a firm metal such as 10k gold will decrease the wear and tear anyways.

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