Engagement Rings for Women

Engagement rings for women seems redundant, since it’s not like there are engagement rings for men, right? In fact, in some countries engagement rings for women are no more common than they are for men. In most countries, however, especially in Western countries, engagement rings are indeed geared mainly for women. And for our purposes, engagement rings for women are especially feminine, with distinct ladylike design characteristics. So what exactly makes an engagement ring womanly? It is the opinion of the authors of DT Era that engagement rings for women are somewhat of the opposite of modern, avant-garde designs that we have covered in previous issues of DT Era, especially as it relates to sharp corners and obtuse angles. Engagement rings for women are “soft spoken”, with rounded corners and subtle design characteristics. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to engagement rings for women, with specific illustrations of what we believe does and does not qualify.

Italian engagement ring

Italian engagement rings never cease to amaze us, both in terms of pushing design boundaries as well as the femininity embedded in the designs. Note that the Italian design shown above is just a solitaire engagement ring. The difference, however, is in the details. The 18k white gold shank offers a subtle curve that ultimately forms the bezel, which holds the incredible Italian round cut diamond.

Italian engagement ring

The Italian solitaire engagement ring above offers a similar ladylike element. The 18 karat curved white gold shank interrupts with yet another curve, to accommodate the beautiful round brilliant cut diamond. Subtle, circular and discreet – that is the epitome of engagement rings for women.

engagement ring under 500

Engagement rings under 500 dollars continue to surprise us with astonishing designs and unique diamond arrangements, but back to engagement rings for women. What differences do you notice between the east-west diamond engagement ring above and the previous Italian engagement rings? If you said sharp corners and obtuse angles, you are right on the money! The engagement ring pictured above is indeed stylish and gorgeous, featuring a white gold interwoven shank with round cut side stones and a beautiful round cut center diamond. Despite the fashionable design and beautiful diamond arrangement, we do not consider this engagement ring to be feminine.

engagement ring under 100

Engagement rings under 100 dollars offer us some of the biggest surprises yet. The engagement ring above features a shank in silver tone with a rounded out halo, soft corners and a gorgeous princess cut center cz stone. We would definitely deem this engagement ring feminine.

unique wedding ring

A quick word about cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars, which surprise us no less than the engagement rings under $100 discussed earlier. There is no question that the wedding ring shown above offers an intensely fashionable and stylish appearance. The shank is literally molded to a 90 degree angle in two places in the center. However, based on the qualifiers presented earlier, these sharp corners disqualify this wedding ring from being considered feminine.

Life is all about making choices, including the choices you make with regard to engagement rings for women. Remember, purchasing engagement rings for women or avant-garde designs with sharp corners does not make one right or wrong. Instead, an engagement ring purchase is nothing more than one more of many choices you will make in the years to come.

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