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Emerald cut engagement rings have enjoyed a stable level of popularity in the U.S. The emerald cut diamond as such is far less popular in Europe and Asia, than it is in the US. Italian engagement rings, for example, almost never feature emerald cut diamonds. In the U.S., however, emerald cut diamonds remain a dominant force, not only in engagement rings but also in diamond rings in general. An interesting fact about emerald cut diamonds is that they appear larger than their same size round cut diamond counterparts. For this reason, emerald cut engagement rings are often suitable for those who wish for the diamond to appear larger than it actually is. Another important factor to consider is the fact that due to their shape and step cut nature, emerald cut diamonds offer only a portion of the light dispersion offered by round cut diamonds, thereby rendering significantly less fire and scintillation. And nevertheless, emerald cut engagement rings continue to add glamour even to some of the most traditional engagement rings in the industry.

So what kinds of designs are achievable with emerald engagement rings? Unlike many of the other engagement ring categories we cover, emerald cut engagement rings – and especially emerald cut diamonds – have a significant amount of limitations. For instance, emerald cut diamonds cannot typically be used as accent stones or side stones. Most designs other than solitaire emerald cut engagement rings typically rely on other diamond cuts to complete the design, with the round cut being the most common diamond. Simply put, emerald cut diamonds require that all attention be focused on them, as they rarely make good ancillary diamonds. In this issue of DT Era we examine the intricacies of emerald cut diamonds, to get a sense of the possibilities they bring to the table.

emerald cut engagement ring

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings introduce a brand new dimension of glamour and sophistication. The engagement ring shown above presents 3/4 carats in total round cut diamond weight and a one carat emerald cut center stone, with a shank in 14k white gold. This emerald cut engagement ring offers a fashion forward personality that is hard to match.

emerald cut engagement ring

Next we consider an emerald cut gemstone engagement ring. This design features a yellow gold split shank with a gorgeous round cut diamond halo, and a 1.5 carat emerald cut green emerald center stone to complete the design. This emerald cut engagement ring offers truly an insatiable design.

emerald cut engagement ring

We finish our analysis with a plain solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Notice the smooth shank in yellow gold with a half carat emerald cut solitaire diamond. Notice how much glamour a plain solitaire diamond engagement ring absorbs with a simple change from a round cut to an emerald cut solitaire diamond.

Emerald cut diamonds are elegant and emerald cut engagement rings offer a unique opportunity to gain “volume” with a similar (and sometimes even cheaper) price tag than comparable round cut diamonds. If you feel that you saw all of the most popular engagement rings and found nothing, consider looking into emerald cut engagement rings or consider altering your current favorite engagement ring design to display an emerald cut main diamond.

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