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Whether it stems from “…Something borrowed. Something blue.” or elsewhere, blue diamond engagement rings consistently enjoy a great deal of attention. The universality of blue diamonds is certainly not comparable to that of clear diamonds, but if you typically wear various shades of black or blue, blue diamond engagement rings may be just what you are looking for. So what exactly are blue diamonds? Internally flawless diamonds are transparent in their natural form, but imperfections in the crystal lattice and modern day era modifications can alter the clarity and color, rendering a diamond of any color from white to black and even red. The next logical question is, what are the aesthetic possibilities with respect to blue diamond engagement rings? Believe it or not, blue diamond engagement rings offer almost exactly the same possibilities as engagement rings with clear diamonds. Blue solitaire diamond engagement rings? Yes, and plenty of them. Three stone trilogy blue diamond engagement rings? You bet! Halo blue diamond engagement rings? You better believe it! And what about unique designer blue diamond engagement rings, or blue diamond wedding ring? If you visit the right online engagement ring store, you will find a great selection of these as well. This issue of DT Era is dedicated to raising awareness of blue diamond engagement rings, offering different possibilities with regard to design and overall complexity.

blue diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings under 500 dollars offer a surprisingly large selection of blue diamond engagement rings. Unlike red diamonds, which are rare and commend a high price, blue diamonds are generally abundant, which helps keep their prices reasonable. The blue diamond halo engagement ring above is a great classic design that dates back decades of history and engagement ring evolution. The side stones and outer circumference consist of clea round cut diamonds, with the white gold shank and round cut blue center diamond completing the design. This engagement ring is a true classic, offering the unique touch of a blue center diamond.

blue diamond engagement ring

Unique engagement rings offer us some really distinct blue diamond engagement rings. Remember, unique engagement rings are referred to as unique because they do not conform to some or all widely accepted design standards. The blue diamond engagement ring above features a curved shank in white gold and truly unusual weave around the round cut blue center diamond. This blue diamond engagement ring lives for attention.

engagement ring under 200

Although engagement rings under 200 dollars do not offer us many known blue diamond engagement rings, this category offers several blue cz engagement ring options, with intense designs and very reasonable prices. The halo engagement ring above offers a beautiful interwoven shank in silver tone, with two rows of clear cz side stones, more clear side stones around the circumference of the halo and a blue cz round center stone. Engagement rings under $200 offer unprecedented affordability that is always worth consideration.

You may be surprised that Italian engagement rings did not make it into this issue of DT Era. The fact is that Italian jewelers are not a significant consumer of blue diamonds. Italian engagement rings offer plenty of blue gemstones, such as sapphire, topaz and aquamarine, but colored diamonds are much more rare in Italy than they are in the U.S. But outside of Italy, the possibilities with blue diamond engagement rings are just as vast as with all other diamonds and gemstones, so shop away!

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